You’re Now Mandated to Be Vaccinated in These 5 Places

After the FDA granted “full approval” of the Pfizer COVID vaccine last week, the door is now open to more jobs to prescribe vaccines. “If you’re a company, nonprofit, state or local leader who has waited for full and final FDA approval before implementing vaccination regulations, now is the time,” said Jeffrey Zients, Coordinator for Responsibility White House Coronavirus Week Briefing. “You have the power to protect your communities and to help end the pandemic through vaccination regulations.” “Do what I did last month: encourage your staff to get vaccinated or to be strict,” said President Joe Biden on Monday.

Read on to see which 5 places are getting more and more vaccines mandatory – and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss them Sure signs that you have “long” COVID and you may not even know it.


Whether you work at Goldman Sachs or the NFL or Disney or Facebook or Netflix, who all have vaccination mandates, you may soon be told to get vaccinated or lose your job. It only happened this week when “CNN recently fired three employees after learning they were working in the office despite being unvaccinated,” it said Washington Post. “The Houston Methodist hospital system discharged or requested the resignation of 153 workers who refused to be vaccinated. ”You are not alone. “United Airlines announced on Friday that all US-based employees have to receive a COVID-19 vaccine by autumn and upload their vaccination card to a company location “, so abc news. Other companies that have vaccine mandates are Tyson Foods, Uber, and Google. Your office could be next.

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Restaurants in New York City and San Francisco need vaccines for entry, and experts believe this might just be the beginning. In California, for example, “state lawmakers are considering a COVID-19 vaccine requirement that would be among the most comprehensive in the country and that could soon force Californians to produce proof of vaccination to do much of their daily lives,” according to the company Mercury news, including mandates for restaurants and gyms across the country. The North Carolina governor agrees that it is important to get vaccinated before you eat. “You are doing the right thing. I think it will be good for business,” said Governor Roy Cooper as he toured a restaurant that required vaccinations to enter.

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COVID has been shown to spread in gyms, especially in group fitness classes. Although exercise is an important part of overall health, Dr. Anthony Fauci noted the importance of staying out of common training rooms during the pandemic. Fauci has stated that when you exercise, you breathe harder and release breath droplets into the air. There is also a chance that you could spread or come into contact with the virus by touching contaminated fitness equipment that has not been disinfected. Fauci himself trains outdoors, goes jogging and wears a mask when others are around. “SoulCycle’s parent company, Equinox Group, said Monday that its members, drivers and employees will be required to provide a one-time vaccination certificate to enter their facilities from early next month,” said CNBC. “The high-end fitness chain added that an” overwhelming majority “of their paying customers support mandating vaccines to enter their clubs and cycling studios.” “We have a responsibility to take bold action and respond urgently to changing circumstances,” said Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Equinox Group. “We encourage other leading brands to join us in these efforts to best protect our communities.”

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The Pentagon has ordered all active and reserve soldiers to get their vaccine. “To defend this nation, we need a healthy and operational force,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in one memo. “After careful consultation with medical experts and the military leadership, and with the support of the President, I have determined that compulsory vaccination against coronavirus disease … is necessary to protect the armed forces and defend the American people.”

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“Governor Greg Abbott passed an executive order on Wednesday banning any state or local mandate requiring vaccination against COVID-19, and he urged Texan lawmakers to pass it during their current special session,” reported NPR. The move came when Texas reported the most COVID-19 patients in its hospitals since the pandemic began. Abbott enacted its ban in an executive order to fill a loophole left by the full approval of Pfizer vaccine against emergency vaccinations. He has also banned state and local government mandates from wearing masks. “

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“I would like to appeal to the people in the country who are not vaccinated to recognize that we have the opportunity to substantially shorten the time frame until the end of this pandemic,” Fauci said during the briefing on Tuesday. “Get vaccinated and the time frame will be shortened dramatically.” So get vaccinated, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don’t visit any of these 35 places where you are most likely to get infected with COVID.

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