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There is no age to learn new things in life; It’s about following your heart and seizing the opportunity. Today, on World Seniors Day, we bring you stories of hope, courage and positivity that prove that willpower is not a number. It is your confidence in yourself that leads you to do things that at some point in your life you thought were impossible. These inspiring personalities shatter ancient stereotypes and prove that it is never too late to live your passion.

He started running at 62 and never looked back: Tripat Singh

In 1991 his wife died and his whole world collapsed. Tripat Singh fell into depression and moved from Delhi to Chandigarh. “It happened that one day a friend of mine pointed out my oversized stomach. It may sound normal, but I felt bad. I realized something was wrong with me and decided to start running. It was in college when I loved being a fitness freak, but when life moved I hardly bothered me. From that day when I was 62 to now (76) I haven’t looked back. What started out as a light jog in the park turned me into a marathon runner. I won two golds, one silver and one bronze in the 42 km marathon. I took part in the toughest marathons in Shimla and Nanital myself and won them. Those years were the most inspiring and I also started training six years ago. Before the lockdown, I competed with Mr. Punjab once and won with 584 pushups. Everyone was surprised that an old man could defeat a young man. For me, fitness is the way of life. Exercise reduces your stress. Fitness gave me a new life and a new perspective. Now I do free fitness workouts every morning for all ages. It is we who decide what life is about and not the other way around. ”

My grandson trained me to start with basic exercises comfortably, says Kiran Bai.

She pumps iron like a pro at 82: Kiran Bai

Last year she was unable to do her daily chores after an illness, but now she is completely independent, says Kiran Bai’s grandson, fitness trainer Chirag Chordia, proudly. Kiran Bai started exercising at the age of 82. “We started with used water bottles and a resistance band. She loved the exercises and we kept training. I showed her some weight exercises. It made her feel like she could regain her physical independence and the rest is history! ”Kiran Bai soon picked up speed. Her fitness videos went viral as internet users couldn’t stop praising the weightlifting grandma. “My original goal was to be comfortable enough to at least sit on the floor, which I hadn’t done in the last 5-6 years. My grandson trained me to comfortably start doing basic exercises like squats, rows, deadlifts, presses, and split squats. I am happy that my story inspires so many people, ”says Bai.

My motivation is to spread health awareness and raise money for a good cause, says Rajinder Singh.
My motivation is to spread health awareness and raise money for a good cause, says Rajinder Singh.

At 73, skip to make a difference: Rajinder Singh

Ravinder Singh, featured in a book The Unsung Heroes and awarded the Points of Light Honor by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is an inspiration to many. “I was born in Punjab, Amritsar. My father jumped and I was taught how to jump from a young age. He was my inspiration. I now live in Berkshire in the south of England and ran several miles before the pandemic but when the UK was banned I was confined to my home and couldn’t find a way to follow my fitness regimen. At 73, I turned back to jumping and started posting videos to encourage others to be active and healthy. My motive is not only to spread awareness for health and fitness, but to raise money for a good cause. With the help of my daughter, I raised funds for the UK’s National Health Service. I’m also doing the London Marathon in October and I’ll be 74 that same month. I want to inspire others to get fit. I work on the principle of helping people or my country, and I will do so for as long as I can. “

I forget everything when I tap my feet to the musical beats, says Ravi Bala Sharma.
I forget everything when I tap my feet to the musical beats, says Ravi Bala Sharma.

Dancing since she was 60: Ravi Bala Sharma

Ravi Bala taught music at a government school in Delhi and felt lost and empty after retiring. She had nothing to do and it was hard to kill time. “Life got boring and I went from Delhi to Mumbai and a new journey began. I’ve studied music all my life, my father was also a music teacher, but I love to dance. I forget everything when I knock my feet to the musical beats, but I’ve never pursued this hobby. When I moved to Mumbai, there was a lockdown and my kids motivated me to make dance videos. I was confused and nervous, but it unfolded so nicely, as if it should always be this way. I posted my dance video and it went viral. Everyone appreciated it. I did another song by Diljeet Dosanj and it was shared by Bhuvan Bam. That was the turning point in my life. Life can change in every phase of life, so we have to be open to new possibilities. Now I get requests from people to perform their favorite songs. I get fan mails as I inspire them and these fan mails also motivate me. I even took online dance classes to improve my skills. Now I have the reins (laughs). To maintain my stamina, I watch my health and exercise. I have to do multiple laps while doing Kathak and it’s important to have stamina so I can’t compromise on my workouts. Dance has given me a new life and I would like to say to all older people that it is the best time to rediscover our passion. “

I never looked back on my trip and accepted everything with love, says actor Dinesh Mohan.  (Photo: Jasjeet Plaha / HT)
I never looked back on my trip and accepted everything with love, says actor Dinesh Mohan. (Photo: Jasjeet Plaha / HT)

A leap of faith at 55: Dinesh Mohan

When he was offered modeling, everyone advised against it. His relatives, friends, and extended relatives said that acting and modeling are intended for teenagers. “When you are old, there is hardly any leeway. They had doubts, but I didn’t have any. I was very clear from the start and the first time I was in front of the camera. It felt like home, it was an inner calling for me. After a tough battle with depression for over a decade, I felt at peace as if I should always be a model and actor. There were challenges, but I was strong. I gained so much weight during the depression, from working on my body to my mind, that I put my heart and soul into my work. I never looked back on my trip and accepted everything with love. I have worked in Bollywood and Tollywood and at 63 I would like to work in many more films. I live in Gurugram and although I live in Delhi-NCR, I am never unemployed. We have to keep our faith alive in order to grow in life, and age has nothing to do with passion. “

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