Working out at home? Add these cardio exercises to your workout routine

Not only is doing cardio exercises at home safe during the pandemic, it’s also convenient and time-saving. Cardio exercise offers several health benefits like increasing the supply of oxygen and blood throughout the body and improving cardiovascular, pulmonary and muscular health, etc. It also relieves stress and lets you sleep better.

You don’t have to buy expensive equipment to do cardio at home. All you need is an exercise mat.


Mountaineering is also called gangplank. It helps exercise your entire body and increase your heart rate. It’s a great exercise for building core strength and cardio endurance. You can burn calories and increase your range of motion.

How do you:

  • Start with the plank position. Distribute your weight evenly between your toes and hands.

  • Pull your right knee towards your chest as far as possible.

  • Then return to the plank position and continue with your left leg.

  • Increase the speed and do it ASAP.

  • Don’t hold your breath. When switching legs, breathe in and out alternately.


This is also a full body workout like mountaineering. It helps build strength, improve flexibility, and increase aerobic fitness. As a beginner, you can start with 10 burpees and then slowly increase the number. You should do burpees in sets of 10, 20, or 25. Then take a break before moving on to the next sentence. This will give you more benefits than doing 50 or more without a break.

How do you:

  • Start standing up.

  • Drop into a crouch with your palms on the floor.

  • Squeeze your feet to get into the plank position.

  • Then jump back into the squat position.

  • Stand up and jump in the air with your hands outstretched.


Lunges is a strength training exercise that works the muscles in the lower body. It helps in weight loss, burning fat, and building lean muscles, which helps align your body. It also increases your heart rate. You can do 20 lunges at a time. Take a break and move on to the next sentence.

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How do you:

  • Stand with your feet apart. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your core is tight.

  • Extend your right leg backwards.

  • Squeeze your right foot to raise your right knee and jump in the air.

  • Bring your right foot back to the starting position.

  • Repeat with your left leg.

Crab migration

This is a great full body workout, especially for shoulders, upper arms, torso, and thighs. It tightens the muscles and builds strength. It increases the heart rate, maintains blood flow, and strengthens the legs and arms. As a beginner, you should start with 3 sets of 7-10 walks.

How do you:

  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat, and palms on the floor.

  • Lift your hips and step back with your arms and legs.

  • Keep walking a distance.

Squat jumps

It helps with work on the buttocks, legs and torso. It increases your heart rate and improves your cardiovascular strength. It strengthens the thighs and buttocks. It burns calories very quickly.

How do you:

  • Start standing with your feet apart.

  • Lower yourself into a squat with your knees bent. Make sure your spine is straight and your chest is raised.

  • Then jump straight up and swing your hands over your head.

There are many more cardio exercises such as jumping jacks, inchworms, bear crawls, spot jogging, and much more. Make sure you start with a warm up and end with a cool down stretching to reduce the risk of injury.

Text: Raddhika Devi

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