Why Whitney Way Thore Should Be Cautious About Weight Loss Surgery

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore should learn all the facts about weight loss surgery before deciding to go under the knife.

Whitney Way Thore out My big, fat, fabulous life has made it clear that she is considering weight loss surgery, but many viewers feel that she should be wary of undergoing bariatric surgery. By the end of season 8, Whitney was heartbroken of MBFFL and was looking for options that would allow her to live a more normal life. In a drastic step, she made an appointment with a surgeon to find out details about gastric bypass surgery.

The TLC personality didn’t always have the weight she is now, as she revealed in the season premiere that she used to be a size 12 and danced. She started to put on weight and found that she has PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). As the weight gained, Whitney stayed positive and continued to do everything she loved to make sure her weight didn’t stop her. My Big Fat Fabulous viewers have seen her fight her way through training, finding love, and fitting into clothes. MBFFL’s Whitney always talked about body positivity, but after last season she was rocked by a terrible breakup. She almost lay down under the knife.

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In the last episode, Whitney showed how to open up more to the French tutor who stole her heart. During their conversation, she couldn’t help but compare the mysterious beau to her ex Chase Severino. Viewers caught the TLC star their old way when she mentioned that the French government only allowed married couples to reunite. It was a thick crumb, but the French teacher understood what she was talking about. In between all of the flirting, there was an authentic conversation about how her family wanted her to lose weight and find a husband.

Whitney Way Thore

Fans know that MBFFL’s Whitney wondered if anyone would love her since she is overweight. Whitney is an extremely positive person, but she began to doubt that her knight in shining armor would come along. Over the past year, several rumors have been circulating about Whitney opting for weight loss surgery. However, so far she has only considered it as an option. Chase was what made her think about a lifestyle change, but viewers fear that emotions may make her make a rash decision. At the time, she told the cameras that she felt the operation would make her life easier.

Fans are aware that the procedure could lead to numerous complications and fear that Whitney could endanger himself. Fortunately, her French husband from MBFFL was very supportive and told her, “Just don’t do it and don’t expect anything from anyone else. Why go under the knife with such a support system.

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