Why can’t I lose weight when I exercise and eat right?

If you are here we expect that despite exercising and eating right, you will find weight loss quite difficult. Is not it? Well, weight loss is a gradual process that requires patience. You can’t expect to lose a few pounds every week. It can happen in the early stages of your fat loss, but it would eventually plateau.

The good news is that we’re going to introduce you to a few points that can give you an idea of ​​why you aren’t seeing falling numbers on your scales. This post will discuss these points in detail.

Why can’t I lose weight when I’m exercising and eating right?

Intense exercise and good nutrition are two of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to promoting fat loss. The former tends to burn excess calories while the latter will keep you on track on your weight loss journey.

But losing weight isn’t as easy as it looks. There are other factors that need to be addressed as well. Any kind of negligence shown towards them can make fat loss quite a challenge for you. Let’s take a look at them.

Lack of whole foods in your eating plan

Your eating plan may be high in all of the essential nutrients, but if a greater proportion of these nutrients come from meal replacement shakes or supplements, it is not considered ideal. If losing weight is your goal, your eating plan needs to include a larger proportion of whole foods.

Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean sources of protein (like eggs, chicken), etc. They need to be an integral part of your current eating plan. Not only do these foods provide your body with all of the essential nutrients it needs, they also provide you with the calories your body needs throughout the day.

You’re not doing enough cardio

Exercising is undoubtedly an essential part of your weight loss journey. But is your current exercise program intense enough to serve this purpose? Well, that’s what needs to be addressed. If losing weight is your goal, cardiovascular exercise should be a decent part of your weight loss routine. Additionally, the cardiovascular exercises that you include in your exercise plan should be intense enough to achieve fat loss.

Running on the treadmill for just a few minutes a day isn’t going to do you much good in that regard. Instead, try HIIT (high-intensity interval training), spinning classes, boot camps, etc. to burn off stubborn body fat.

Is your sleep routine right?

Sleep is a matter of course for most of us. However, it plays a vital role in giving you the physique you want. Even if you sweat your bum in the gym and your diet plan is right but your sleep routine is disrupted, you will not make any significant progress in your weight loss. Sleeping around 7-8 hours a night will help you lose weight a lot.

We understand that your job may involve burning the midnight oil, but if you are able to make certain changes to your work schedule, we encourage you to do so.

Unrealistic expectations

Having a positive attitude is one thing and having unrealistic expectations is another thing entirely. We all cannot acquire a physique like that of the current Men’s Physique winner or the latest Victoria’s Secret model. We are all blessed with different body types and we need to understand that.

If you have these unrealistic expectations, the way you rate your progress needs to be reviewed. In such a scenario, setting realistic expectations must be the first step in your weight loss strategy. Understand your body type and have realistic expectations of it.

You don’t use a lot of water

Are you keeping your body well hydrated? Drinking plenty of water throughout the day goes a long way in promoting fat loss. You need to consume 2 liters of water a day. Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. If you drink enough water, it will keep your stomach full. This in turn saves you from overeating.

Water also helps metabolize stored fats or carbohydrates. Not only does it help burn fat from food and drinks, but it also burns stored fat. In addition to this, water also helps in detoxifying the body.

Most of your work involves a desk job

Intense exercise and adherence to a strict diet plan are critical to promoting weight loss. However, if you just sit in front of your desk for most of your day, you won’t be losing fat as quickly as you would like.

Aside from your regular workouts, you will also need to schedule some physical activities into your daily schedule here and there. This can include evening walks or even an outdoor exercise for 10-20 minutes a day.

You are depressed

Depression is mostly caused by excessive stress. When a person is dealing with massive failures, divorce, bankruptcy, etc., it is impossible for them to keep track of their caloric intake. Most people who suffer from depression often indulge in stress eating. Even walking all day becomes unduly stressful and challenging for them.

These people may follow strict exercise schedules and have good diets, but due to the build-up of stress, things won’t work for them. To counteract such conditions, consulting a mental health specialist is crucial.

Consume too little vegetable protein

Eating adequate amounts of protein every day not only promotes muscle repair, but also helps keep you full. But not all types of proteins are made equal. For example, when it comes to the consumption of animal protein, there is a significant amount of fat. As a result, excessive consumption can lead to weight gain instead of fat loss.

To counteract such a scenario, consuming vegetable proteins is a better option. Vegetable proteins such as legumes, nuts and whole grain products have a lower fat content compared to their animal counterparts. Hence, consuming vegetable protein can surely help you ease your fat loss path.

You are taking certain medications

Certain medications have weight gain as a side effect. You can consult your doctor to adjust the dosage so that it doesn’t hinder your fat loss.

last words

We’ll assume by now you’ve figured out why you’re not experiencing the kind of weight loss you want. However, we recommend that you not change your lifestyle and daily routine immediately if you are expecting results overnight.

As mentioned earlier, weight loss is a gradual process. Exerting too much effort on your body to promote fat loss can have adverse effects. Hence, we recommend that you go slowly and enjoy the process. You have to be persistent and resilient to see the goals you are pursuing. This way, you can get the most out of your fat loss journey.

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