What Happened To HEA S6 Cast This Week (Aug 16)

The cast of the 90-day fiancé saw each other the week before the second part of Happily Ever After? Tell everyone. Check out the greatest stories.

The last 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? The season six episode will air on TLC this week, with part two of Tell-All leaving many open ends. Part 1 of the 90-day fiancé reunion left fans in shock at Angela Deem’s exposed chest and Natalie Mordovtseva’s new mysterious husband, and episode 17 is also expected to have a lot of news and gossip.

Baby Mylah’s mother, Yara Zaya, wonders if she is pregnant again, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa face his mother again, and Tammy and Chuck Potthast’s family affair is discussed by the HEA cast while Angela breaks up with Michael. Last week highlighted the discussions about Mike Youngquist’s Natalie, who is still filming in Florida for a new 90-day fiancé spin-off. Fans felt sorry for Natalie when the 90-day fiancé: Happily Ever After? The cast teamed up against her, while Mike’s mother, Trish, denied ever calling her a whore.

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Frustrated fans hope Angela never returns to the franchise after telling Michael that she is through with their relationship. Julia was criticized by fans for her naughty demeanor, while the bruise Tiffany Franco carried worried fans under her eyes. Amid all of this drama, take a look at some of the biggest news from this week’s HEA cast.

Natalie accuses 90-day fiancés of destroying her

Mordovtseva In 90 Days Fiancé 3

When Jovi Dufren revealed that Natalie was out with a new guy in New Orleans and Mike talked about giving her his credit card, most of the HEA cast members beat her up. Angela asked Natalie to stop playing the victim card, and Julia Trubkina joined her in telling Mike’s wife to return to Ukraine. In an Instagram comment, Natalie revealed that she “felt like they were going to eat me there” as no one stood up for her and even Mike smiled. “I couldn’t leave the stage, but I cried for days afterwards,” wrote Natalie, adding, “This show is destroying me.” Natalie called the situation “emotion r * pe” and claimed what the fans saw was “a.” light version of the Tell-All ”.

Tiffany follows in Angela’s footsteps

Tiffany Franco - Hair Transformation-90 Days Fiancé

The 90-day fiancé: happy for the rest of your life? Tell-All let Angela reveal her weight loss after losing 120 pounds after her sleeve stomach surgery. Tiffany Franco confessed that she had the same weight loss surgery as Angela two days after shooting Tell-All. An excited Tiffany said it was a long process and that Ronald did not support her in the beginning. However, Tiffany also called Ronald “insecure,” adding that she believes her better looks would intimidate her husband. 27-year-old makeup guru Tiffany has kept her weight loss under wraps since her surgery, which saw doctors cut off nearly 70% of her stomach.

Yara suggests she is pregnant on Tell-All

Yara Zaya Jovi Dufren Pregnant Baby Tell-All Again in 90-Day Fiancé 2

90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Star Yara Zaya had a secret of her own to share during Season 6 Tell-All. Yara has missed her period for two months but has not yet taken a pregnancy test. Yara also complained that it would be difficult for her to look after two children under the age of two in America, so she would have to move back to Ukraine. Surprisingly, Jovi confessed that in this case he would go to Yara in Ukraine after his work trips. However, fans speculated that Yara didn’t show a baby bump in her recent Instagram uploads. Interestingly, Yara has also tricked her IG and YouTube fans by posting a gender reveal video that is not hers.

Julia & Brandon may have moved back to the farm

After the tell-all, fans worried about the health of Brandon’s father, although Brandon wrote that he was recovering well. Meanwhile, Julia has shared a post about making “important decisions” which suggests she may be okay with returning to Hummingbird Acres with Brandon. A fun reel from the 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Couple also showed Julia and Brandon teleporting to the farm, which may be indicative of an upcoming spin-off.

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