Weight loss: Incredible transformation from woman dropping 6 dress sizes in a year

According to the House of Commons Library, 28 percent of adults in England are obese and carrying more body weight than believed healthy can pose a range of problems, from joint and back pain, which in turn can limit movement Muscle wasting mass that can make an individual weaker. Basic domestic activities such as climbing stairs, cleaning the house, and bathing also become difficult. These are all things that Alex Athienitouis struggled with this but last year when the UK experienced extreme heat in the summer she had “blisters from her skin rubbing against herself” and stated that she “couldn’t even walk down the street without pain, too.” and have difficulty breathing “. “. She grew from size 20 to size 8 within 12 months. How did she do it and how is she feeling now?

About the past summer, Alex said: “You have to wear less clothes in summer [and because of this] My physical problems and insecurities have never been worse, a change had to come. “

With gyms across the country closed, Alex didn’t know where to start and “exercising in the park in front of other people or even in the garden in the heat left a chill”.

Alex considered all of the options and finally decided that a gastric sleeve procedure was the best plan of action.

The surgery removed 85 percent of Alex’s stomach, which simply meant she couldn’t eat as much as she was able to before.

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The weight dropped and the first results were amazing, taking her from size 22 to size 10/12 in just a few weeks.

However, being slim didn’t necessarily mean being fit, healthy – or happy, and Alex “knew something was missing”.

Alex saw them playing in the park with two young children and was “devastated” not to interfere.

“The results were dramatic and I felt brilliant,” she explained. “But after the initial excitement waned, I realized that just because I was smaller, I still wasn’t necessarily fit.

To get even fitter, Alex Six Pack Revolution researched and booked for the next session.

Founded by Scott Harrison, the program takes participants on a journey of self-discovery and better life, and includes 75 days of being told what to eat and drink and a daily exercise program.

To increase accountability, participants upload a picture / video to a Facebook group as evidence.

The exercises are short but very effective and last 10-15 minutes a day with two sessions of 30 minutes each per week.

And Alex completed the process in late July 2021 with a two-week hiatus to undergo a procedure to improve the stretch marks on her arms.

After participating in Six Pack Revolution, Alex went from size 10/12 to size 8, but the effects are more than just physical to her.

I can really say that the health and fitness plan had a bigger impact on my life than the surgery, ”she said.

“I can think more clearly, my memory has improved, I am happier, more energetic, sleep better and look fantastic.

“I’m not just thin, I’m strong, healthy, and my body is shaped… I can’t believe I have abs! Something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

“I’m enjoying summer 2021 a lot more than summer 2020,” added Alex.

As for the daily meal plan that Alex followed, one snapshot included:

  • Mexican quorn burrito
  • Chicken madras
  • Shake after your workout
  • 2 meal replacement shakes
  • Snacks including yogurt, berries and nuts

And some of the daily exercises included:

  • Battle rope training
  • Body weight training
  • Abdominal training
  • HIIT workouts

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