Want to lose weight through supplements? This is what you need to know

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Dubai: Having Difficulty Losing Weight? If your attempts to diet or introduce exercise into your lifestyle keep failing, you might be tempted to try weight loss supplements that may pop up on your social media timeline and be endorsed by your favorite influencer.

However, it is important to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to allegations made by such supplements. The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health (DOH) has published an awareness guide on its website to help residents understand what these supplements contain and whether they can really help you lose weight. Here is everything you need to know.

What do weight loss products contain?

According to the DOH Guide, weight loss products contain many ingredients such as herbs, fiber, and minerals in varying amounts and in many combinations.

They are sold in various pharmaceutical dosage forms such as capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders.

Many people use weight loss supplements to help lose weight and lose weight quickly and easily without considering a sensible diet program or exercise.

Many users do not know enough about the ingredients of these products and the health risks and harms they can cause, especially given the widespread availability through their sale in various grocery stores, online or on social networks.

How effective are they?

Weight loss products can be classified as follows according to their effect:

1. Products without effect

There is limited information available about these products and evidence of their claimed benefits is based on a small number of unapproved studies.

Ideally, several research studies are needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of these products.

These products are marketed as products that are not counterfeit, are completely safe, and have no side effects. In reality, however, they are not effective and have no use.

Such products are considered useless and a waste of time and labor.

2. Products with limited effects

These products can help in weight loss, but their effects are often limited and unnoticeable, especially if their use is not accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and adequate diet. According to scientific studies, most of these products have a temporary effect as they may initially have a noticeable effect on weight loss, but over time their effectiveness wears off and goes away.

While such products can be effective, they can be risky in patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or blood, kidney, and liver diseases. In addition, these should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they can cause serious complications or side effects.

In general, it is necessary to seek medical advice before using any weight loss products.

3. Products that are not safe to use

Some of the products are marketed as effective for weight loss, but in reality they are adulterated products with chemicals or substances that are not disclosed and are not included as an active ingredient in the product. For example, the addition of substances that have been banned from the market due to their serious health problems, or the addition of some drugs and hormones that have a weight-reducing effect, but they should only be used under certain medical conditions, with fixed doses and only under medical supervision.

So how can I stay safe?

The guide gives the following advice:

• Remember that dietary supplements can contain multiple ingredients with different effects that can cause dangerous drug interactions.

• Do not hesitate to speak to your doctor before starting any weight loss supplement. Discuss potential benefits and risks, especially if you have health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, or heart disease.

• Find out about the food supplement before using it, as it may contain an ingredient that has a similar effect to one of your medicines.

• Check the quality of the dietary supplement before using it; Be sure to buy it from authorized outlets such as pharmacies and nutritional supplement stores. Beware of buying supplements from unknown sources via the internet or social media.

• Beware of fake and flashy claims such as “magic diet pills”, “burn fat and lose weight without dieting or exercising”. If it is hard to believe, then in fact it is difficult to achieve.

• Diet supplements for weight loss can be expensive and may not be effective. The best way to lose and maintain weight is to follow a healthy, nutrient-integrated diet, drink enough water, cut calories, and exercise regularly.

How to check for adulterated substances

In case you need to use a dietary supplement, make sure it is safe and free from adulterated substances.

You can always ask your doctor, seek advice from the Drug Information Service at 800424, or see the latest food supplement safety warnings from the Department of Health here – https://www.doh.gov.ae/en/resources/ Adulterated Products

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