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Finding the best barbell for your needs can be a bit of a challenge, especially since they don’t look all that different on the surface.

The devil is certainly in the details, however, and there are some dumbbells that we think really stand out from the crowd.

We’ve compiled this list based on specs, prices, and ratings, highlighting some of the small differences that make each one unique and suitable for different purposes.

Whether you’re an avid powerlifter looking for something ultra heavyweight like the Synergee Regional Olympic Bar, or a beginner looking for a lighter bar like the entry from Rage Fitness then we should be able to cater to it point you in the right direction here.

Best barbell

Best Barbell – ‘The Beast’ CAP 7-foot Olympic Bar

Brand: GAP | Material: Black Odude | Weight: 44lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: 1000 pounds

‘The Beast’ is a solid Olympic size barbell from CAP that has been manufacturing weightlifting equipment for more than 30 years.

CAP boasts that the bar has a capacity of 1000 lbs, which is a tremendous amount of weight that even professional strong men and women can find difficult to lift.

According to reviews, the bars should also have a nice, smooth spin to reduce tension on your wrists, reducing the risk of injury.

However, one of the main advantages of ‘The Beast’ is that it’s relatively inexpensive when it comes to 7-foot Olympic handlebars, but the bar doesn’t compromise on quality.

Best Multipurpose Barbell – Sporzon! Olympic barbell

Brand: Spurson! | Material: Alloy steel | Weight: 45lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: 700 pounds

Spurson! make a range of barbells, but the 7-foot Olympic bar may be the best option the company makes.

What makes this bar great is that it has multiple knurling positions for comfort and safety when trying different types of lifting operations.

Spurson! also claims the bar has a load capacity of 700 lbs, meaning it can handle even the heaviest lifts by more experienced athletes.

The bar made of steel also makes this bar strong and durable, which is handy as barbells are often used a lot due to their versatility.

Best barbell for powerlifting – Synergee Rhino Power Bar

Brand: Synergee | Material: Alloy steel | Weight: 45lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: 1500lbs

The Rhino Power Bar is a serious kit that is definitely more suitable for experienced strength lifters, especially those who do powerlifting, as Synergee claims the bar can hold 1500 lbs.

Synergee also claims that this handlebar is stiffer and less flexible than its other products and is made without bearings, which in turn is in keeping with the powerlifting style.

Another key feature of this bar is its aggressive knurling, which is supposed to increase grip – ideal for longer deadlifting sessions, for example.

It also offers a great option for powerlifting at a reasonable price and we think it looks amazing with its black and red design.

Best training dumbbell – Rage Fitness Olympic Training Barbell

Image source: Rage Fitness

Brand: Anger fitness | Material: Aluminum | Weight: 15lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Thanks to its middle knurling, the Rage Fitness Olympic Training Barbell is a robust yet comfortable bar that is particularly suitable for beginners.

The reason is that beginners sometimes struggle to lift a 45 pound bar on their own, so this workout barbell might be the perfect alternative as it only weighs 15 pounds.

Also, the bar is only 6 feet long, rather than the standard 7 foot length, which means it saves space and is likely to be a little easier to move because it’s not that wide.

If you are concerned about the bar fitting on a power rack, fear not as the spacing between the collars is 52 inches which means the bar should fit perfectly.

Best Standard Barbell – BodyRip Weightlifting Barbell

Brand: BodyRip | Material: Alloy steel | Weight: 44lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: 1000 pounds

This BodyRip weightlifting barbell is a great option for someone looking for a very standard barbell that is suitable for a number of different exercises.

The knurling isn’t too hard, but it does provide enough grip to hold the rod in place, and reviews suggest the rod rotates without friction.

Since this bar is made of steel, it should withstand a certain amount of wear and tear, which is often typical when working out in a home gym, for example.

Ultimately, this bar makes a great option for everyday use as it is suitable for a number of different lifting operations without being designed to prioritize just one.

Best Olympic Barbell – Rogue Ohio Bar

Brand: Villain | Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 44lbs | Suitable for: 2 “Olympic Plates | Weight capacity: Indefinite

Rogue is a premier weightlifting equipment brand, and this barbell is one of the best Olympic bars out there.

While Rogue doesn’t confirm the bar’s capacity, its 200K PSI tensile strength shaft will likely keep it arrow straight when put under weight.

Rogue also features a 100% original knurl pattern that was machine formed with the handle in the foreground.

This is definitely a premium barbell, but Rogue is a popular brand with athletes and has a reputation for making high quality products.

Frequently asked questions about barbells

There are many questions and things to look out for when buying a barbell, but we’re here to clear up some of the more common questions.

Are all dumbbells the same?

Simply put, no. Dumbbells differ drastically in terms of length, weight, width, etc., as highlighted in this list.

A standard Olympic barbell is 7 feet long, weighs 44/45 pounds, and holds plates with a 2 inch hole.

However, some barbells are shorter, lighter, and hold smaller plates like the Rage Fitness Olympic Training Barbell to suit less experienced lifters.

Why is the barbell spinning?

Rotating the weights on your barbell is completely normal as it helps with Olympic exercises by reducing the torque created by the plates.

How they rotate often varies as it depends on whether they are designed with bushings or bearings.

Bushings are placed between the shaft and the sleeve and offer low friction.

Alternatively, bearings offer a faster, smoother, and quieter spin.

What is knurling?

Knurls are the grooved markings on a dumbbell that provide orientation for hand positioning.

The knurling of a barbell differs between powerlifting bars and Olympic bars in that powerlifting knurls are 32 inches apart and closer to the center of the bar than Olympic knurls.

So when buying a barbell, be sure to note the knurling, as you will want to buy a bar that will suit your lifting style.

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