Top Indoor Bikes For Home, Gyms, And More

Finding the best exercise bike on the market can be tough, especially since there are so many different variations, brands, and price points to filter out.

We did some of the hard work for you by selecting a range of bikes based on specs, ratings, and features that set them apart from the crowd in the best way.

Whether you’re looking for one of the best from Nordictrack or you’re looking for something that easily folds up to make room, like this bike from Exerpeutic, here are a few ideas to start your search.

Best exercise bike

Best exercise bike – Nordictrack Commercial Studio Bike

Image source: Nordictrack

Brand: Nordictrack | Maximum height: … | Minimum height: … | Recommendation for the maximum weight: 330 lbs | Driving system: Magnetic

The Nordictrack Studio Bike is arguably one of the most innovative smart bikes currently available and is certainly a contender for one of the best bikes in 2021.

The Studio Bike offers you a rotating 22-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and a one-year iFit membership.

In terms of training, there are 24 digital resistance levels at your disposal that are sure to be considered for serious and experienced riders.

There is also a large selection of target-specific workouts available in the iFit library to help you immerse yourself in your ride, no matter how long you’ve been cycling.

Best Foldable Exercise Bike – Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Brand: Exerpeutic | Maximum height: 6.1 foot user | Minimum height: 5.3 feet user | Recommendation for the maximum weight: 300 lbs | Driving system: Magnetic

The Exerpeutic Folding Bike is designed to be a solid, versatile bike for those who have little space for their exercise equipment.

With strong construction that can hold a considerable amount of weight, an affordable price point, and a seemingly whisper-quiet ride, this bike is sure to hit some boxes and them some.

The Exerpeutic Bike also has an LCD display that gives you information on distance, calories burned, time, speed and more.

With eight levels of tension control, we’d say this bike is ideal for beginners and a fantastic “entry-level” bike to get you started on your fitness journey.

Best intelligent exercise bike – Peloton Bike +

Brand: Peloton | Maximum height: 6.5 foot users | Minimum height 4.11 feet user | Recommendation for the maximum weight: 297 pounds | Driving system: belt

Peloton is one of the largest brands in exercise bikes and offers you the opportunity to take a spin course on a well-designed and effective exercise bike from the comfort of your own home.

Where the Bike + differs from the standard bike is its new “auto-follow” resistance system that scales based on your set target values ​​and adapts to the instructions of the peloton instructor.

In addition, the bike has a larger rotatable HD screen, which is ideal for switching between bike and floor training, and more optimized audio compared to a normal bike.

Another appealing element of the Peloton Bike + is the motivational aspect, because live rides as well as monthly challenges and milestone badges are supposed to get you to exceed your fitness goals.

This bike is sure to be a top choice and even comes with the all-access membership added. So if you are serious about your fitness and want to invest in one of the best, this machine is well worth a try.

Best exercise bike – SCHWINN 170 exercise bike

Brand: SCHWINN | Maximum height: 6.6 feet user | Minimum height: 4.6 feet user | Recommendation for the maximum weight: 300 lbs | Driving system: belt

Similar to the Exerpeutic Folding Bike, the SCHWINN 170 is an upright bike, that is, as well as a killer lower body workout, it puts you in a position that is somewhat more comfortable for some.

The SCHWINN 170 also offers 25 resistance levels and 29 training programs to take your cardio training to the next level.

Again, you get a large backlit LCD display, a quiet ride, and improved Bluetooth connectivity.

If you are looking for a more expensive and static exercise bike, the SCHWINN 170 might be the right bike for you.

Best exercise bike on a budget – YOSUDA ​​Indoor Cycling Bike

Brand: YOSUNDA | Maximum height: 35 inches | Minimum height: 25 inches | Recommendation for the maximum weight: 270 lbs | Driving system: belt

The YOSUNDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike is a great option if you’re looking for something under 500.

Key features of this bike include an LCD monitor that records time, speed, distance, calories burned, and more, as well as a tablet holder that saves a ton of money on the cost of this bike.

The small LCD screen may be a deterrent to those looking for a smarter bike like the Peloton, but the tablet holder makes it easy to watch your favorite TV show, scroll social media, or take a high-intensity spin class while on the go You are doing an important cardio workout.

It also includes a heavy 35 pound flywheel for intense workouts, and the bike as a whole is highly adjustable, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

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Frequently asked questions about stationary bikes

People often have a ton of questions about stationary bikes, but we’re here to clear up some common questions that will help you out with your purchase.

What is the difference between an upright bike and a spin bike?

Since we’ve covered both of them in this list, you may want to know some of the key differences.

An exercise bike or stationary bike generally has a wider, more comfortable seat for seated workouts and fixed resistance levels.

Spin bikes or indoor cycling bikes with racing saddles and multi-grip handlebars are now more closely related to racing bikes. Spin bikes usually offer a more intense workout and are ideal for HIIT training.

Are exercise bikes worth it?

This really depends on the type of exercise you’re looking for and ultimately on whether you enjoy cycling as a form of cardio exercise.

The more expensive bikes on this list offer a variety of workouts through membership programs to keep you more motivated than before, but there are obviously additional costs that you may not be able to afford.

In general, though, exercise bikes are a great way for beginners to start their journey and for more advanced riders to partake in some extremely intense spin workouts.

Do exercise bikes need to be serviced?

Exercise bikes usually require very little maintenance, especially if they are magnetically powered.

A chain drive model will need oiling on occasion, but this exercise tool should be one that you can keep for years without worrying about it.

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