Tiffany Shocks Fans With Weight Loss Surgery Update

The 90-day fiancée Tiffany recently had an operation for health reasons. She now shares her experience and how much she lost in two weeks.

Tiffany Franco shocked 90 days Fiancé viewers by revealing that she recently had weight loss surgery and lost about 15 pounds within a week and a half of the surgery. Many fans are surprised to see that many TLC stars have recently opted for weight loss surgery. Currently, Angela Deem of 90 Day Fiancé is showing her weight loss journey in season 6 of Happily Ever After. She underwent two life-threatening surgeries in one day – a stomach cuff and a breast reduction and lift. She had the surgery almost a year ago and has lost over 100 pounds.

55-year-old Meemaw is now showing off her sleeker and glamorous look on social media. While Angela looks pretty happy and satisfied with the results, many fans think she looks older than she really is. Her skin sags and she cannot do a face lift without quitting smoking for four weeks. Her latest pictures suggest she still has a turkey eater under her chin. But that didn’t stop Angela from 90 Day Fiancé from enjoying her new sexier and slimmer figure.

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It seems like Tiffany took inspiration from Angela and booked a gastric sleeve operation. While in hospital, Tiffany posted a clip on Instagram saying she would have to undergo an operation. Now she is ready to share more details about her weight loss surgery. Tiffany didn’t want to look thin or sexy, she wanted to lose weight for health reasons. She said the doctors cut off 70% of her stomach from the inside. It was a quick operation, but the biggest challenge was getting the fluids. She is afraid of needles, so she was embarrassed to cry like a baby in front of the sisters who tried to inject fluids into her veins.

She is now on a liquid diet and on her multivitamins, but is having a hard time drinking water. Most loved for her high-glam looks, 90-day fiancé Tiffany hasn’t lost any weight in the past three days. But she understands that she shouldn’t weigh herself every day because it’s not good for her mental health. She felt no pain during the operation except when she woke up and felt chest pain from gas. In the future, she will talk about how much she used to weigh and how much she lost after the operation. One fan responded, “Good for you. If I had the cash flow, I would too.” Another fan said: “You are beautiful, I hope you achieve your goal. “

Tiffany is uncomfortable sharing her weight right now. Unlike Angela’s husband Michael, Tiffany’s husband Ronald Smith supported her emotionally. He appeared briefly on Tiffany’s Instagram live session, hinting that he was still in South Africa. A few days ago, Rebecca Parrott also showed a drastic difference in her pictures before and after weight loss. The 90 days Fiance star had Sono Bello TriSculpt EX to remove excess fat from her lower abdomen.

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Source: Tiffany Franco / Instagram

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