Tiffany Franco’s before and after weight loss pictures explored

90 Days Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 6 is in full swing.

Just when we thought relationships couldn’t get any more complicated on this show, the TLC series dropped a new episode on July 19 and sent Twitter into a tailspin.

However, with the release of the latest episode, many TLC viewers have been talking about actor Tiffany Franco Smith’s weight loss.

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TLC / YouTube

Before and after pictures by Tiffany Franco

In June 2021, the TLC star announced to her fans that she had opted for a gastric sleeve procedure as a “step towards a happier and healthier self”.

For the uninitiated, gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss procedure to aid those tired of dieting. It is also intended as a weight loss aid for people who are severely overweight.

The TLC star has been open to weight loss for a number of years. However, she took a break in 2020 amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic around the world and escalating relationship problems with her husband Ronald Smith.

Before the 90-day fiancé star went under the knife, she trained and went on a diet to reach her goal weight.

When she was pregnant with her and Ronald’s daughter Carley Rose in 2019, she had put on significantly on top of that.

However, in her latest Instagram pics, the mom of two looks significantly slim. Although Tiffany still has to follow an exercise and diet routine if she wants to lose weight, she has already lost a lot of it thanks to the surgery.

TLC / YouTube

The picture above is from 2 years ago when Tiffany had a lot of weight on her. However, the following Instagram post is newer. Both her face and shoulders in the picture below look significantly slimmer.

Tiffany has not yet posted her full body pictures on her insta handle. But she posted some on her stories that show how different she looks now.

TLC fans were convinced that the 90-day fiancé: Happily Ever After? star underwent the procedure on June 15, 2021.

This was because before she was admitted to the hospital, she shared a cryptic, now-deleted video that suggested she was under the knife.

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The 90-day fiancé’s relationship with Ronald Smith investigated

Tiffany’s relationship with her South African husband Ronald has gone through tremendous ups and downs.

The couple went through a difficult period in their relationship in 2020.

They also fueled a lot of break rumors for a while.

Amid all the fighting between the two, they also waited 10 months for an update on Ronald’s CR-1 visa.

The visa would have allowed Ronald to legally enter America as the spouse of an American citizen. Her constant fierce battles, the distance, and the pandemic that weighed on the couple’s relationship, Tiffany turned to lawyers to end her marriage before Ronald could come to America.

However, the lawyer said their marriage was solvable through marriage counseling.

90-day fiancé fans watch Tiffany and Ronald’s relationship problems play out in 2020 in the ongoing Season 6.

With the Happily Ever After season still ongoing, it will only be seen whether the couple survived the difficult phase.

However, Tiffany recently posted a picture on her Instagram snuggling up with blogger and 90-day fiancé star John Yates. The duo’s images have fueled dating rumors among TLC audiences.

Other performers who have had weight loss surgery

Aside from Tiffany, many other 90 Day Fiancé cast members have had weight loss surgery.

One of the most famous names in the field is Angela Deem, who performed liposuction, gastric sleeve surgery, and breast reduction surgery, all of which resulted in a break in her marriage to Michael.

Rebecca Parrott and Narkyia Lathan are two other cast members who have been open about undergoing the procedure.

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90 days fiancé in 90 seconds – trailer –





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