Tiffany Franco Opens Up About Weight Loss Surgery

One of the 90-day fiancé’s many surprises: Happily Ever After? Tell-All episode was Tiffany Franco who revealed that she was going to have weight loss surgery, just like her colleague Angela Deem. The mother of two struggled to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with their last child and is excited about the idea of ​​doing your best and feeling good about yourself.

Tiffany Franco on “90 Day Fiancé: Happy to the End?” | TLC

Tiffany reveals that she is undergoing weight loss surgery based on “90 Day Fiancé: Happy To The End?” Tell everyone

On part 1 of the 90-day fiancé: happy to the end? Tell-All, Angela stunned audiences and co-stars alike with her 106 pound weight loss and brand new breast implants. The transformation must have inspired Tiffany, because she revealed to host Shaun Robinson that she plans to have the same gastric sleeve surgery performed as well.

Tiffany said, “I’ll have the same surgery as Angela in two days.” The 90 Day Fiancé star announced it has been a long process and she is looking forward to getting it done.

Ronald is not happy about her gastric sleeve surgery

Her husband, Ronald Smith, wasn’t quite as excited, however. Much like Angela’s experience with her husband Michael Ilesanmi, Ronald disagrees with her going through the procedure. She said that despite the lack of support from her husband, this was the “right move” for her.

Ronald stated that his mindset is not that he doesn’t want her to lose the weight, but that he thinks she should “put in work” instead of getting a sleeve. He stated, “You will appreciate the results a lot more.” Even so, Tiffany says she doesn’t think the surgery is an easy way out because she’ll have to change her attitude towards food anyway.

Tiffany answers questions about her weight loss

In a recent Instagram live video, Tiffany opened up to fans about her surgery. While she didn’t tell her audience how much weight she lost overall, she encouraged her followers struggling with weight loss to consider surgery. She said, “It’s definitely worth it.” She continued, “That’s probably all I can say now… Don’t think twice. Just do it. If you’re having trouble, just do it. Don’t worry about what nobody is telling you. Don’t worry about someone saying you take the easy route. ”

While that last line is directly related to Ronald’s criticism for not trying to get healthier the old-fashioned way, Tiffany stands by her decision. While Tiffany didn’t give many other details about the surgery, she made it like she wasn’t allowed to talk about it or reveal her weight loss, possibly because she’s signed to TLC and is shooting another show.

While Tiffany has yet to post a selfie showing her transformation, she definitely takes this time to heal herself and her children and get healthier. Hopefully, Tiffany will finally show off all of her hard work soon, be it online or in a future 90-day fiancee season.

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