These “Better Sex” Exercises Have 4 Million Views on TikTok

If you’ve ever Googled how to work out in bed for better performance (hey, no judgment!), You already know that planks, pushups, pelvic floor exercises, and plyometrics like jump squats are highly recommended to increase your endurance , Strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and thus your sexual performance.

But if those movements (or just staying fit and doing some cardio here and there) aren’t getting you the results you want, you can always take the advice of a UK-based trainer and TikTok user named Patrick Toechterle.

Toechterle is a self-proclaimed “Body Transformation Expert” with more than 117,000 followers on Instagram and 114,000 on TikTok, where he has posted a number of bedroom workouts. A video titled “Better sex” has been viewed (and climbed) over 3.8 million times – with thousands of comments from people thanking it for his “hot tips.”

The trainer also demonstrated moves for “Erotic Experience”, “More fun with sex” and “For your ‘hot’ games”. In these clips, he claims that these are the best exercise moves for sexual agility.

But his viral “Better sex” video has four movements, and they’re all about hip mobility. Finally, mobility and flexibility in the hip can make it easier to get into more demanding sex positions. Moves include the “Rock Back”, the “Quadruped Hip Opener”, the “JJ Hip Opener” and the “Seated Leg Raise”. While we can confirm whether or not these movements actually help you in the bedroom (although at first glance it may seem), we can tell you how to do them. Read on for a quick introduction to each move, and for more exercise news, see how a new study shows the trick to getting fit in the shortest amount of time possible.

The rock back

This movement begins with a setup where you position yourself so your hands are just below your shoulders and your knees are just below your hips. With a slight bend in your lower back and your chin pulled in, rock back as far as possible. Once you notice your lower back bulging, it’s time to stop to avoid overdoing it and injuring yourself.

The four-legged hip opener

You lie face down on your hands and knees, and then lift your leg to the side, up, and then around. It’s a popular move to open your hips. And it can also loosen the adductors and hip joints, where he explains it can be a “sex exercise” because you can increase your range of motion and become more flexible with your partner.

The JJ Hip Opener

As you might guess, this “sex exercise” opens the hips. To do this, you crossed one leg in front of you and bent the other leg backwards. Then start moving the body up and down and work on activating your core and abs to lift yourself up better.

A strong core helps increase endurance, flexibility, and posture – the latter is when you can position yourself straight or for longer in a movement that requires you to keep your body weight high or stay strong and balanced in a core-oriented movement.

Sitting leg raises

With the “seated leg raises” you sit upright with both legs facing outwards, and then alternately bend one foot at a 90-degree angle. Avoid putting any strain on your legs – if you experience pain or sore muscles, stop.

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