Therapists help ensure safety, success at Wiesbaden Sports and Fitness Center | Article

The therapists Sica Nielsen, Dr. Michelle Witkowski and Dr. Kathryn Paine bring a lot of experience, training and further education to support the Wiesbaden community members in the Wiesbaden sports and fitness center.
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WIESBADEN, Germany – The right balance in fitness training makes a significant contribution to a healthy, holistic training program and lifestyle, according to the new physiotherapists and occupational therapists at the Wiesbaden sports and fitness center.

“We (community members) all know a little bit about what we should be doing,” said occupational therapist Sica Nielsen, who joins the Wiesbaden fitness center after working at the University of Miami Hospital. She explained that her job is to help community members “learn to stick to good habits and make positive changes in their lives … really learn a lifestyle balance.

“I look forward to being part of the community to share my unique perspective on health and health coaching,” said Nielsen, “to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.”

The three new fitness center therapists – Nielsen and the physiotherapists Dr. Michelle Witkowski and Dr. Kathryn Paine – bring along a wealth of experience, training and further education support, said installation fitness coordinator Maria Diaz.

“This is a new feature in the fitness center,” said Diaz, adding, “They are here to help people who want to get back into training but may have physical limitations or challenges. You can help build that relationship and development.

“We have a separate room for them,” Diaz said, explaining that the separate area within the fitness center provides privacy for anyone who may be reluctant to seek help and advice. With the three experts on board at the center, the center also offers high quality on-post services for community members – removing the barriers to leaving the post. And all three are English speaking community spouses, she added.

“I’m a very active person myself,” said Nielsen. “I know how small changes in your life can make a big difference.”

With a military population who may face unique physical challenges, trained professionals look forward to serving members of the community.

“Being able to do physical therapy in a gym instead of a clinic – I can see exactly what people need … to take a fitness-forward approach,” said Dr. Witkowski. Noting that people in general tend to experience similar injuries, she added that within an active duty group there are “definitely patterns of injury”.

The therapists can “see how you are moving and help you get the most out of your routine and avoid injuries,” said Dr. Witkowski, adding, “I would much rather work with a patient with a barbell than with therapy.”

“Wellness is a model that physiotherapists and occupational therapists are advancing,” said Dr. Paine, who comes to Wiesbaden after serving in the military communities in Okinawa, Colorado Springs, and Fort Irwin. “It is important to see how you are doing, to look at body mechanics and to see your goals, to see what you are doing to achieve them.”

Support in coping with chronic health problems and the ability to respond to specific physical challenges are part of the therapeutic approach.

“We’re trying to redefine how people think about therapists,” said Dr. Witkowski, adding that they are “experts in exercise. It is a good idea to see a therapist to assess how you are moving rather than waiting to be injured. We want you to move optimally. Physiotherapists understand every muscle movement in the body. “

It is just as important to help military personnel avoid injuries and improve their training results, said Dr. Paine routine.

Dr. Witkowski said she was looking forward to starting an exercise program after giving birth. “This is a specialty of mine and I want to help this“ underserved population in the community ”.

Whether or not someone has physical issues, consulting a therapist can help improve the overall approach to training, the therapists added.

“All consultations are free, whether you need a personal trainer or a therapist,” Diaz said, explaining that if a person was found to need physical or occupational therapy as opposed to personal training, a one-time rating for 50 US dollar is applied.

The following fee schedule applies to physiotherapy sessions:

· $ 60 for a physical therapy session

· $ 275 for five sessions

· $ 500 for 10 sessions

For more information and an appointment, visit the Wiesbaden sports and fitness center or call civ (0611) 143-548-9830.

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