The Science of Weight Loss

Before joining the Women’s Only Weight Loss Program (WOW) and P90X at Club Apple, I thought weight loss was a guessing game. You could cut down on some of your favorite foods and add a little more exercise to your diet and if you were lucky it would result in a pound or two of weight loss. It’s a nice lie that hides the labor and computation it takes to keep or shed those extra pounds.

What really works is science.

When you join the WOW program, you will be assigned a personal trainer to guide you through the entire process of maintaining good health. This trainer walks you through both the nutritional and exercise-related components of weight loss and provides you with all of the encouragement you need. Once you’ve done the hard work of getting started, the WOW program will make sure that you still have all of the resources you need to be successful.

At the heart of WOW, P90X and all of the club’s other programs is the Beyond Diets program. Participants in this program will read a booklet that contains scientific facts that have been shown to improve your overall health. This book covers lessons from drinking more water to paying attention to the types of fats you consume on a daily basis.

We all learn the basics of healthy eating in elementary school, but this program takes learning to the next level by guiding you to make effective change. This may all sound pretty obvious if you’re looking to lose weight and eat healthier food, but it’s not that simple. To create a sustainable lifestyle, you need to study everything, such as the nutrients of different vegetables and how they make your body stronger. For me, that meant learning how to correct portion sizes and include more lean meat in my diet – a turning point for anyone who wants to feel full without having to consume everything in the refrigerator.

Applying all of these concepts can be overwhelming without guidance or information from trusted resources. Fortunately, I had personal trainers Kandyce Powell and Rustelle Ashbocker and a group of strong women who guided me through the ins and outs of weight loss. As someone struggling with vulnerability, I was relieved to be surrounded by a group of women who had similar experiences with eating and exercise.

“It’s one thing to know and another to do,” said Kandyce Powell, Club Apple’s personal trainer. “Our program provides accountability every week. We weigh in and we hold each other accountable. And it’s fun, I really enjoyed working with a group of ladies because I’m not just supporting the whole group. We work out our problems together on the group text or on the Facebook page or simply in class. “

As a perfectionist, I tend to get frustrated if I don’t get something perfect the first time. My frustration continues to grow when I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, a feeling I often had before joining Club Apple’s women-only weight loss programs and the P90X program. With the help of education and action, my thinking about fitness has changed and I look forward to my favorite aerobics classes and weightlifting days. Although I am still at the beginning of my fitness journey, I feel that I have healed the once-broken relationship between myself and wellness.

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