The #1 Exercise That’s Best for Reducing Belly Fat, Says Doctor

There is no denying that exercise is critical to losing weight and relaxing, and while all forms of exercise are helpful in keeping you active and fit, there are some exercises that are particularly beneficial to the abdominal region to exercise and blast fat.

Michael Mosley, MD, inventor of The Fast 800 Diet, knows the importance of regular activity, and especially cardio – when you can increase your rate quickly and really work up a sweat.

If you are burning belly fat and want to exercise your core and abs, which happens to be the hardest area to lose weight, staying consistent with your regular exercise and leading an active life is important.

While we can’t say exercise gets rid of belly fat unless there are other measures (e.g., and it lowers the risk of disease in later life, because you limit the visceral fat, which research says is the fat in the belly).

“While exercise alone won’t help you shed the stubborn fat in the middle, it can be critical to reducing your risk of fat recovery, lowering blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity,” he said in an interview with Express. For more about HIIT – including some great workouts to try – read on. And for more great workout tips, don’t miss out on the secret side effects of lifting weights for the first time, says Science.

The best forms of exercise to lose fat the fastest are those that are high intensity and can burn calories in no time. Running and cycling are two excellent ways, as are walking to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and to take these steps. The largest form, however, is high-intensity training, also known as HIIT.

“Research has shown the extraordinary effects that ultrashort bursts of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can have,” said Mosley. Plus, it’s the most effective and easiest way to add it to a regular, busy schedule (which we all have, right?). You can definitely squeeze a HIIT workout in between social gatherings, family meals, work dates, and more.

HIIT requires movements that include jumping exercises, such as squat jumps and tuck jumps, and weighted movements that include cardio, such as manmakers and kettlebell swings, because they increase your heart rate in seconds, but also strengthen muscle and burn fat at the same time.

So together it is a full body workout that can lead to great results, especially in the abdominal region, as these movements activate your core muscles.

You can improve it even more by adding certain core moves, like planks or plank jacks for the added cardio, or breakaway rows of weights also done in a plank position. And for more great training tips, don’t miss out on the secret tricks to getting yourself to workout, experts say.

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According to a meta-analysis of more than 786 studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, interval training is far more effective at reducing body fat compared to moderate exercise, including walking and jogging. “Interval training and [moderate-intensity continuous training (MOD)] both reduce body fat, “the researchers conclude.” But interval training resulted in a 28.5% greater reduction in total absolute fat mass than MOD. “

In another meta-analysis published in the journal Sports Medicine, the researchers found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) “significantly reduced total, abdominal, and visceral fat mass, with no differences between the sexes,” and posed concurrently found that exercise that forces people to pass “90% of their maximum heart rate” (in other words, it is really intense exercise) was most effective at losing weight. “HIIT is a time-efficient strategy for reducing fat deposits, including those from abdominal and intestinal fat,” the researchers conclude.

“HIIT is an extremely effective and efficient form of exercise that increases your heart rate quickly and burns a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time,” says Tom Holland, MS, CSCS, CISSN, an exercise physiologist and author of The Micro Exercise Plan: Get it the body you want without the gym in 15 minutes or less a day, we once told us. “In addition to burning important calories in a short amount of time, there is an added ‘afterburn’ effect where your body continues to burn calories after a workout while trying to return to homeostasis.” And for more great advice on healthy living, don’t miss the unexpected side effects of morning exercise, experts say.

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While exercise is important, it makes up about 20 percent of the difference in belly fat. Nutrition is 80 percent. The best advice he has is to cut down on sugar, even if it is found in fruits, in the stomach area.

According to Mosley, “Replace processed carbohydrates like white bread, fries, and pasta with slow-release energy sources like brown rice or quinoa. He continued, “Two things will surprise you: the amount of sugar you were subconsciously ingesting and the speed at which your belly fat is starting to tame itself.”

Added sugar is a no-no, so avoid sweets and processed junk like cookies and white bread, and resort to these natural sources when sugar cravings become noticeable. Together with exercise, you will achieve the best results and change permanently.

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Would you like to try your hand at some great HIIT routines? Try one of them out!

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