The #1 Diet Mistake We’ve All Made and How I Fixed It to Achieve My Weight Loss Goals

Like the majority of the population, I was overweight. Not just by a few pounds, mind you. I was the kind of girl that people would generously refer to as “plump” or more often than not, “fat.”


I hadn’t always been this way but after having kids, the weight just started accumulating. I joined one of those crazy gyms. I tried every diet. And despite my best efforts, I still made little headway.

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Frustrated beyond belief, I binged on donuts. A week later, I had my annual physical where my doctor told me I needed to get serious about losing weight or it was going to lead to lasting health problems. I showed the signs of prediabetes, he’d said. As he spoke, I felt like I’d gone down a long tunnel. But I could see the light ahead and I decided to run for it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet


I gave meal plans a try. Fail!

I joined another gym. Fail!

I tried starving myself. Fail! Fail! Fail!


Finally, I gave in to the one diet everyone seemed to be boasting the best results from, the keto diet. The fact that I could eat bacon without breaking my diet was a huge bonus. But it was also the scientific evidence that it could work.


In the first week, I burned a ton of fat. My cravings faded away and I found I didn’t have to exercise so much. But soon, something didn’t seem right. I hit some kind of plateau and nothing was working.


I joined a keto forum and shared my woes. Several other dieters chimed in to tell me to check my macros while others asked if I’d accidentally consumed hidden sugars or carbs. As it turns out, it was both.


The thought of going back to the drawing board made me cry. I’d worked so hard and I failed yet again. But then one dieter named Tracy gave me the one thing I needed to get on track and stay there for good.

My Biggest Diet Mistake is Likely the One You’re Making Right Now

Through talking with Tracy, I discovered what I’d been doing wrong. It was a huge blunder, one that destroyed all my previous efforts. If only I’d known sooner!


It’s not that the keto diet doesn’t work. It does! You have to follow it correctly. And here I was, making this massive mistake that I’ve since corrected. The solution was so incredibly simple too.


My problem, and likely yours too, is that you’re guessing along with what you need to eat, how much you need to eat, and keeping tabs on those macros. One minor mistake can throw you out of ketosis and ruin your efforts.

Results – Sarah lost 25 pounds of pure body fat in just 1 month using this little Water Hack

If only I could afford to work with a dietician or nutritionist! I remember telling that to Tracy. That’s when she told me I could get the same results without going broke by using a special custom keto meal plan.


I was about to dismiss it as yet another aggravating step to weight loss where I’d have to scour countless websites for appropriate recipes that I would enjoy eating. But then Tracy explained this custom keto meal plan was a brand-new service that required no extra effort on my part.

Results – Julian W. lost 65 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 months using the same  Water Hack

All the guesswork is done by expert nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to create custom keto meal plans tailored to your own needs. The big mistake you’re making is using something made for everyone else. Instead, you need to be using something that’s made just for you.


With this custom keto meal plan, I got an 8-week meal plan created exclusively for me by experts based on my ideal calorie and macro intake. This meant that I could no longer accidentally fall out of ketosis. I had expert guidance to ensure I’d be a success this time!


Unlike other diets where you’re stuck eating foods that make you want to cry, my personal keto meal plan had amazing meals. You let them know what your food preferences are and you get drool-worthy recipes created by top keto chefs. There’s no guesswork on how to make your meals either. Even if you’ve never really cooked before, you’ve totally got this. I received a grocery list each week. All I did was follow the directions which were all so easy and 8 weeks later, I’m so in love with the new me!

Results – Julie lost 38 pounds of pure body fat in just 64 days using the same Water Hack

My Husband Hasn’t Looked at Me in This Way in Years!

My only regret is that I didn’t find this custom keto meal plan sooner. Now that I have, it’s changed everything for the better. I didn’t have to stress anymore about getting my macros and calories just right. All I had to do was follow the simple directions for my meals each week.


To really help me stay on track, I wanted to break my constant battle of eating more than I needed to. I found out that the problem was due to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that stops hunger and regulates energy balance. My doctor explained that when your body resists it, you store up fat cells.

A supplement called Lepitox gave me the boost I needed to help burn even more fat. I also started using Resurge to reset my metabolism and restart my body by turning back the hands of time.


Now, my husband actually flirts with me again, like he did when we first met. To say this has changed my life is an understatement. Without that custom keto meal plan, I would have most certainly given up on my weight loss goals yet again. As of writing this, I’ve lost 62lbs. You can make the keto diet work for you without even having to think. Just click below to get your own custom keto meal plan


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