Teejay Details How His Friends Death Affected His Career Including Weight Loss

In an interview with The Fix, TeeJay talks about how he restarted his life after the death of two of his closest friends last year.

The Singjay’s life took an unexpected turn in the past year, marked by the tragic murder of his closest friends and his unexpected but welcome physical transformation.

The most obvious thing about Teejay right now is the change in his physical appearance. Since the tragic incident to the present day, he has lost significant weight, from a whopping 260 to 180 pounds. The uptop boss attributed that 70-pound drop to what he called “stressful workouts.”

He went on to explain, “Yuh, you have to stress yourself to get right, ya suh.”

When asked about his weight loss, he mentions the aftermath of the catastrophic events of June 2020. Hart ting dat fi swallow just like when you eat a hard dumpling, a yuh troat and yuh know..no wata, ”said Teejay sadly.

This speaks for the loss of his three closest friends last year. Romario Wallen, known to his colleagues as “Grimmy,” and Phillip Lewis, also known as “Afro Man,” were shot dead in a double homicide on June 4th. Snow, another close friend of the artist, whose name was not disclosed, also later succumbed to his injuries in a gun violence incident.

Given that he had built such a successful life for himself, he was shocked that he had encountered the same problems from his background that he had avoided. TeeJay stated, “It kind of shocks me how we know how to really get into a city now. Memba mi a compatriot enuh. A mobay mi a fawud from enuh. “

Teejay went on to say, “Memba a wul let’s wage a war that we fight to get to the right, suh enuh, so when we come to the right, suh, and see some things that we run away, it’s kind of mek yuh to find a way like yuh jus Wah, leave the diet alone. “

This eventually led him to temporarily emigrate to the United States after such difficult times and redefine his way of thinking. ‘The Uptop Boss’ sang, smoked and drank, but unfortunately ate nothing in his time of much-needed self-care.

To the surprise of the interviewer and his fans, he admits that he wasn’t always the plump singer that fans have come to know and love. He explained that at the beginning of his breakthrough in the international market, he used and valued the new raw materials to which he now had seemingly unlimited access. “I was like this before 2013, 14, that time we were thinner than you, but you know, we get the breakout and we never got used to Double Whoppa and … that dead !!”

Although his weight loss was unintentional and caused by a painful era in his life, he applauds the improvement in his physical appearance. He admitted that he had some concerns about his size himself. At one of his more recent concerts, the virtual Reggae Sumfest 2020, the artist felt the strains of his weight the most. He stated that at the end of the concert he was barely able to hold himself together. “If I work about 21 minutes and if mi dun perform like a ded, then I am aguh ded. Tired. So I see no man a haffi fix disting, a haffi fix disting, ”said TeeJay.

The concert led to the surprising realization that he had to open a new page in his life. He added, “Suh, I’m just telling myself, see you hear wa gwaan … reincarnation. Cut off your fear, cut off your locks so time gets scared. Lose a little weight. Reincarnate yourself. Approach the streets differently again. Do business differently. Full 360. “

The ghosts of his past have only made him hunger for more success while he yearns and seeks greater heights in his music career. His current goals are to gain more power and prosperity because he believes he has not yet reached a point where he can rest.

It certainly wasn’t an easy way to get to this point. The artist experienced extreme depression due to the numerous life-changing incidents. Despite his depression and desire to quit, he came to the conclusion that because of the many people who depended on him, he couldn’t give up, especially when he knew a better future was around the corner.

Fortunately, in difficult times, he also had his fair share of motivations to keep him going, namely his five children, especially “his one daughter”. He shared that when he goes through depression, all he thinks about is his daughter, which gives him the strength to shake himself off and hold on.

Teejay has also changed his management as a result of his rebirth. He’s at a good level in his career now, but time will tell how far it will go. For now, he believes his future is bright. Fans should expect a slew of new collaborations and song releases in the coming months.

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