Strava App Has New Beacon Alert for Safer Location Sharing—Here’s How to Use on Exercise Routine

Strava’s beacon feature is a safety feature the exercise app added to its features that would help keep people healthy and safe at the same time. The location sharing has been massive, especially as it can help locate a person who was lost or had an accident in a particular location while exercising.

The Beacon feature for Strava has long been available to app users, but this new one would be an updated version that added more security and tracking. It is important that you let people know where you are as accidents can always happen, even in the most unexpected moments.

Strava Beacon: For health and safety

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Strava is just one of many apps that use a location tracking feature for information and use by loved ones and friends when you’re walking. Other apps include the Adidas Runtastic App, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Apple Health, and more.

According to the latest support release from Strava, the beacon feature is now available for the mobile app and could help improve location tracking for family and friends. The beacon has several functions that can track the location during the exercise and not be disturbed by it.

The training would put users in a “Cloud 9” feeling where they would get lost in translation and not notice some things around them. It is always recommended to remain vigilant while running, hiking, biking, or any other exercise method as safety should not be put aside for fitness.

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Strava Beacon: usage

Using the Strava beacon function is easy and with just one click you can record your training progress at any time. Users can do this when they start their exercise tracker with these apps and go their happy path.

However, users should set up beacons first to ensure that any outdoor exercise is safe and secure.

  • Select “Record” in the app menu
  • Select the Beacon icon or the gear icon in the upper right corner and then Beacon
  • Switch on the beacon
  • Select “Add Security Contacts”
  • Select Send Beacon Text to send preformatted text and complete the setup

Pros and cons of Stravas Beacon

Of course, the location tracking of Strava’s Beacon and other training apps has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that it can keep track of the start time, speed, training mode, route and duration of the training. This would potentially help let the authorities know about the little details if something bad happens.

On the other hand, it also has its drawbacks, namely the GPS of a location and the connection to mobile data, as it could interfere with the app’s tracking function, which is normal for the current technology.

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