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The best thing about core exercises is that they can be done in the gym or in the comfort of your home and for the uninitiated, strengthening your core is important not only for exercise and physical activity, but also for the smooth execution of everyday tasks like walking tall or tall with purchases of what Soha Ali Khan was aiming for this Wednesday. “After a baby and four decades under my belt”, the Bollywood actress is now taking her core workout very seriously and her latest exercise video is fitness motivation for all moms out there.

The diva took to her social media page and shared a video from daughter Inaaya’s playroom in which she donned a gray top with cut sleeves that tucked into black sweatpants with the Powerpuff Girls’ prints on it. She completed her casual look with a pair of white trainers and hair tied back in a high ponytail, and used the playroom as her personal gym, using the wall and a ball to get her core exercises right.

The video begins with Soha performing a mountaineering exercise by balancing her body with her palms on the floor and her legs against a wall. In this position, she alternately bent her legs, pulling one knee to her chest while pressing the other foot firmly against the wall.

She then lay on the floor but balanced her entire body on her hips while lifting her torso and legs off the floor. Soha held a ball in one hand and passed it alternately above and below her raised knees to work on her core and strengthen it.

Still balancing her body weight on her hips, Soha was next seen lifting her torso and keeping her legs off the floor in a wheeled position as she tossed and caught the ball. While the video was titled, “Week 2 Core Counts! (sic) “, Soha shared in the caption,” So I’ve taken my core for granted all my life, until now. After having a baby and 4 decades under my belt, I finally felt the need to strengthen my midsection – it’s not just about a flat stomach – it’s about balance, stability and allowing the body to function optimally. #coreworkout #fitnessgoals (sic). “



Strengthening the core not only helps in the smooth performance of everyday activities and sports, but also improves balance and stability, and ensures good posture. Core protects against injury, and the core muscles play a fundamental role in stabilizing the spine and pelvis, which is why you should do a core workout two to three times a week to target the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to train.

In addition to exercising arms, back, shoulders, torso, and legs, mountaineers also increase heart rate, which helps burn more calories. Hence, it’s the perfect exercise for shedding that stubborn belly fat and revealing the abs that you’ve built without making back pain worse.

It increases muscles and stamina, improves posture and mood, increases energy and improves sleep behavior. The mountaineering exercise is a mixture of cardio and strength training and trains several different muscle groups, which makes it almost like a full-body workout.

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