Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 22 Kgs in 8 Months With Mix Diet And Early Dinner

Journey To Weight Loss In Real Life: Losing weight is definitely not an easy task; it takes consistency, discipline, patience and hard work. For some, it can take a few months to reach their fitness goals, but it can take years for many. When struggling with weight, you often hear comments from people. It can be wordless or loud and clear, but comments about weight are sure to stay in the mind. Tired of all the taunts and comments about her weight gain after her pregnancy, Soumya B Hegde, a nutritionist and fitness expert decided to take up the challenge of weight loss. She told us about her weight loss history and how she lost 22 pounds in eight months. Here is her real story:Also Read – Arjun Kapoor’s Body Transformation: Kickboxing Champion Drew Neal Helps Villain 2 Actor Get In Shape With Diet And Exercise

Weight Loss and Transformation Story: Harsh comments from people have made me work towards my weight loss goals. I took it as a challenge, I wanted to prove them wrong at all costs. I took your hurtful comments as motivation to work on myself without answering them with words but only with actions. I know that actions speak louder than words. Also Read – Weight Loss Soup: Desi Lauki or bottle gourd soup is the best, here’s why

I just wanted to lose weight at all costs. I kept reminding myself of my goals day and night. Most of all, I wake up every morning and before I go to bed I always introduced myself as very fit and people would ask me for advice. I used to believe it was reality. I also knew that results take time, so I was very consistent with my goals. I knew sometimes I see quick results, sometimes it gets slower. But I shouldn’t lose sight of my goals, never get discouraged. I believed in myself, I never gave up. I knew that with sustained efforts, I would achieve my goal every day. I’ve made my mindset like this. Also read – Flatulence: causes, treatment and foods to prevent

I ate a balanced diet and relied on weight training.

Weight Loss And Diet: My diet was a mix of a balanced diet, a low-carb to moderate diet, or intermittent fasting. I used to change my diet very often so that my body wouldn’t get used to it and prevent a plateau. But most of the time, I stuck to a balanced diet. I used to drink a lot of water every day.

Soumya B Hegde then and now

My usual diet:

  1. Wake up: 1 liter of lukewarm water. After that, I drank 1 cup of sugar-free strong coffee with milk, sometimes 1 cup of regular strong black coffee.
  2. Breakfast: 1 plate of egg white omelette with vegetables or oatmeal
  3. snack(after training): 1 scoop whey protein + BCAA shake in water with 1 small fruit of your choice. Or boiled 5 egg whites
  4. Having lunch: 50 g brown rice with a small cup of vegetable sambar and 5 boiled egg whites, or 2 dry phulkas with a small paneer vegetable curry, or sometimes sautéed mixed vegetables with 5 boiled egg whites
  5. Eve; 1 cup of sugar-free strong coffee with milk, sometimes 1 cup of normal strong black coffee.
  6. Early dinner (8 p.m.): Sauteed mix vegetables with 5 boiled egg whites mostly.

Weight Loss Exercise Program: My workout is more weight training. It’s a kind of resistance training. I usually mix LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Real Life Weight Loss: I lost 22 pounds in eight months by following a balanced diet and weight training

Soumya B Hegde then and now

There are no short cuts to losing weight. We need to be consistent in our efforts to lose weight. Extreme or starvation diets do not work in the long run. There is a high likelihood of giving up. So we should stick to a diet that is most sustainable for us than blindly following what others are doing. My mantra was, never to give up, I should keep going until I reach my ultimate goal by believing in myself.

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