Real-Life Weight Loss Journey- I Lost 15 Kilos With Surya Namaskar, Home-Cooked Food And Early Dinner

Journey To Weight Loss In Real Life: Many people choose to lose weight because they don’t like the number on the scales. Sticking to a healthy weight loss program can sometimes seem impossible. Many people lack the motivation to start their weight loss journey and most lack the motivation to move on. If you have just started your weight loss or are planning to shed those extra pounds then this real weight loss story is for you Shruti Khandare will inspire you to hit the gym now!Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: Try These 5 High Potassium Foods To Shed Those Extra Pounds

Shruti Khandare, MyFundBazaar’s chief marketing officer, decided to lose 50 pounds in 365 days by sticking to homemade food and doing yoga and running. Also read – National Nutrition Week 2021 | Importance of Vitamins and Proteins: Know Their Sources

Weight Loss Journey and Motivation: Growing up I was always inclined to see Miss India and Fashion Weeks and saw myself as one of the models who adorned those platforms. My fitness journey started after much trial and error when I was asked to take part in the Miss Cochin 2010, followed by the Miss Kerala 2011, the Miss South India 2013 and the Miss India 2014. Every competition and the opportunities that come with it got me a little bit taught more about what nutrients work for me as well as the workouts. Also Read – Chaas VS Lassi, Which Is The Better Option For Losing Weight?

Plus there is always so much to learn from the fashion industry. While doing ads like Dhathri Hair Oil, RK Silks, Lalitha Jewelery, Anaswara Silks, etc., I made many friends in the industry who I could learn so much from and thought to myself, “If they can, why can they? ” do I? ‘ Losing weight always had two reasons – so that the camera wouldn’t capture the healthy fat and for my complacency.

At first it was for superficial reasons to fill the bill for a particular ad, magazine shoot, or role in an audition for a movie, but as I became more experienced with how the industry works and its expectations, I became aware of the importance of health clear . So I started taking care of myself – going running every day, eating healthy and taking care of my body – not just to fulfill a certain role for a part I was selected for, but for myself. As clichéd as it sounds, I reached my target weight and BMI in 365 days when there were fluctuations before.

Weight Loss And Diet: my breakfast is usually Poha, Dosa & Chutney, Sattu Ka Paratha with Quark, Sabudana Khichdi, Uttapam depending on the day of the week with a bowl of dried fruits and Kadha as a constant

my Having lunch is usually rice, dal and sabzi with fish or the occasional chicken. I’m more of a seafood eater as I’m a Keralite.

my Dinner is very light and would also contain rice, dal, sabzi and lettuce. I make sure I have dinner at 6:30 p.m. so that I can go to bed on an empty stomach and have a 15 hour break for the next meal.

Weight Loss Mantra: In life, every shortcut is a temporary illusory long cut. Losing weight the easy way is no different. There was a point where I starved myself and punished my body just to lose weight, which subsequently became a burden to my health.

This experience taught me to simply eat all 3 meals with no rubbish in between, eat plenty of water and devote 30-40 minutes to physical activity every day, be it a brisk walk, gymnastics, dancing, exercising, etc.
Understanding your body type, what works, what nutrients will work for you, and what kind of physical activities will keep your BMI on the right side of the scale is important.

Weight Loss Training: When I first started exercising, I weighed 69 kg, so I need more cardio and high-intensity interval training. Over time and after a lot of trial and error, I got closer and closer to my ideal weight. When I reached my ideal weight of 54 kg, I couldn’t train as much as I did at 69 kg. And that’s not what most fitness experts tell you. There’s a void in how you keep your ideal weight – you don’t want to gain more or less either.

My current workout is a 30-minute brisk walk followed by some stretches. I finish with Surya Namaskars which gives me unlimited energy to seize the day and make me feel great.

What worked for me on the Weight Loss Journey: Staying consistent was definitely an aspect that paid off on my way to fitness. There were days when I could see positive change and there were days when I just wanted to give up everything I had planned. But I was determined to keep giving 100 percent no matter what.

As I mentioned earlier, if you choose your path to fitness for superficial reasons, it will bear temporary benefits. As you do it for yourself, your health, and the goals you have set for yourself, you will discover that your body’s true potential is limitless and beyond your imagination.

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