Optimum KETO Review: Does It Work? What They Won’t Tell You!

Does it make you very anxious to see how saturated the ketogenic (keto) supplement market has become in a relatively short period of time? If so, it was the same for us at first. How can one even decipher the endless possibilities, let alone distinguish the strong from the weak? Our editorial team has been and is fascinated by the results of the ketogenic diet and the support that keto supplements have provided. Our recent search for a keto supplement brought us to a sales page that names a solution as “Chosen KETO Product # 1 in the US”. This was enough to get our attention, so we decided to analyze things further. Here you will find out everything you need to know about Optimum KETO without further delay.

What is optimal KETO?

Optimum KETO is a particularly powerful dietary supplement for weight loss that is designed to help consumers achieve ketosis efficiently while bringing mental clarity, mental focus and energy to new heights. The entirety of this dietary supplement is based on the principles of fighting fat with fat or what society calls the ketogenic diet. Simply put, Optimum KETO works with an appropriate keto diet and form of exercise to improve mental and physical health. To better understand Optimum KETO’s ability to produce some of the most desirable weight loss results, we need to interpret how it works.

How does optimal KETO work?

The ketogenic diet is the latest diet introduced into society and remains a popular topic of discussion. When consumers are forced to refine their plates with a 70/25/5 ratio of healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, the body ends up taking the biggest blow as it is exposed to changes due to the lack of carbohydrates .

As long as time can tell, people have been relying on carbohydrates for glucose and, consequently, on fuel for body cells, tissues and organs. The first major effect of eliminating it is a lack of energy, which brings with it a number of problems such as recurring illnesses, poor performance, mood swings, iron deficiency and a potentially negative impact on the heart.

Obviously, different components in us are affected and therefore the body has to think and act quickly. In doing so, it decides that the best alternative to carbohydrate breakdown is fat breakdown. Together with the liver, fat storage is targeted, broken down, and a by-product (or chemical) called ketones is produced. Ketones (transmitted through our bloodstream) are now our new sources of energy and completely replace glucose.

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This process has several advantages; For one, fat storage shrinks with each complete breakdown. This, in turn, can lead to weight loss and all of the energy-enhancing properties of carbohydrates, but without. In order to enjoy fat loss, the body needs to enter and stay in a metabolic state called ketosis, which is the main reason people need to reduce their carbohydrates significantly. Even an extra gram of carbohydrate can easily upset the body’s position within ketosis and, worse, throw it out of the process entirely.

Unfortunately, re-entry can take a week at most, creating a yo-yo effect if the consistency is not satisfied. Ultimately, a solution like Optimum KETO can be used here, as it prevents the body from leaving the metabolic state. With this basic knowledge, we can move forward with the Optimum KETO Ingredient List.

What active ingredient does Optimum KETO contain?

The main ingredient in Optimum KETO is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Do you remember the by-product from the explanation above? Ketones come in three types including acetoacetate, BHB, and acetone. During the breakdown of fat, the first ketone to be produced is acetoacetate (approx. 20%). Following that, we have BHB (75%) made from acetoacetate. Finally, we have acetone, the lowest concentrated ketone, also known as the by-product of acetoacetate.

Because the body naturally produces the most BHB, ketogenic supplements like Optimum KETO aim to deliver an exogenous version of BHB. Each serving contains a concentration of 1100 mg in this supplement, slightly higher than the industry standard. At the time of writing this article, our editorial team was unable to access the fact that the Optimum KETO supplement was available. This is worrying as we are not entirely sure whether the exogenous source of BHB is bound to electrolytes to help keep the body hydrated and help absorb important nutrients.

How much does Optimum KETO cost?

Each serving contains 2 capsules for a total of 60 capsules per bottle. However, the prices below are listed according to the number of bottles ordered:

  • Buy 1 Optimum KETO bottle, get 1 free: $ 57.95 each
  • Buy 2 optimal KETO bottles and get 1 free: $ 49.97 each
  • Buy 3 optimal KETO bottles and get 2 free: $ 39.74 each

Final verdict

Based on the details provided, it should be clear from this review that Optimum KETO is a ketogenic supplement that has been formulated to reduce the body’s chances of exiting ketosis. If the latter is not prevented, the energy production capacity of the body is restricted, especially in the absence of carbohydrates. This means serious mental and physical health effects and persistent fat storage, all of which are factors to avoid.

Starting with the likes, the 1100 mg concentration per serving is attractive, which makes it stronger than average keto products. There’s also the fact that bundle purchases encourage savings, which is an added incentive for keto advertising. With that in mind, it’s sad to say the likes end there. We do not know the company responsible for Optimum KETO, nor is the fact of the addition published anywhere. This grave lack of transparency makes it difficult for our team to trust and say anything about its effectiveness and value. For these reasons, consumers may want to contact customer service before proceeding with their order. The decisive factor should be how much clarity was gained through the communication.

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