Natalie Called A Fraud After Weight Loss Secret Is Revealed

90-day fiancé Natalie got in a lot of trouble after giving conflicting information about her weight loss. Fans called her a hypocrite and a cheater.

Natalie Mordovtseva of 90 days Fiance is dragged for starting a fitness program while undergoing cosmetic treatment to lose weight. The native Ukrainian has lost over 30 pounds and is now promoting a fitness expert who helped her slim figure. Previously, Natalie had announced that she had gained 20 pounds while living with her husband, Mike Youngquist. She was in a stressful situation while filming season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, so she overdid herself and put on weight despite being very conscious of her body.

It was important to her to lose excess weight quickly, as she intended to work as an actress or model in the United States. In the latest episode of Happily Ever After, she was seen exercising while her husband and mother piled the woods. But it seems like Natalie needs another plan. She connected with a fitness trainer online and started following a diet plan. She tried the keto diet along with intermittent fasting. The 36-year-old beauty and 90-day fiancé star claimed she lost 30 pounds in three months of following this diet.

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After losing weight and regaining her slim figure, she started a fitness program with the same fitness trainer. She explained how her fitness program would work and urged her followers to sign up for it. Many viewers of the 90-day fiancé looked interested and asked about the price of the program. However, some fans recalled that Natalie recently had liposuction on her waist, stomach and chin. So how could she claim that her fitness regimen would help her lose weight when she eventually had to undergo cosmetic surgery? A fan page called 90-day fiancé E-11 posted a video on Instagram in which the star of the 90-day fiancé Sono Bello’s body contouring.

The fanpage admin questioned Natalie’s fitness program, writing, “Why not just give your followers the Sonobello code and let them take the journey / shortcuts you’ve taken?!?” Other 90 day fiancé fans called her a cheater and hypocrite, leaving comments like, “Aren’t you just LIPO off your belly ?! Isn’t that a cheat”, “I’m NOT going to support this because I feel like that You’re dishonest to your followers “and” It’s like Larisa is offering an abs training course. ” Perhaps Natalie lost some weight first through dieting and exercise.

She probably wanted to see the results sooner, so she opted for a cosmetic procedure. It is possible that after losing weight from dieting, Natalie wanted to sculpt her sagging skin by giving her body contouring. Fans will have to wait and see if she comes back with a valid explanation. Some fans also believe Natalie was given a heavy discount to perform liposuction and promote Sono Bello. Without thinking twice, she had the process and started promoting it on her Instagram. Still it is 90 days fiance Star looks gorgeous after her last weight loss regimen. Natalie also gets suggestions from some singles.

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Source: 90 Days Fiancé E-11 / Instagram

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