Mo’Nique AKA Nikki of ‘the Parkers’After major weight loss, slimmer figure flaunts in daring tight catsuits

Mo’Nique, also known as Nikki, was a sensational figure who wowed many of her lovers. “The Parkers” She is very proud of her new physique and looks very different. You can see how slim she looks in her new posts and pose in tight catsuits.

Mo’Nique’s character, Nikki, is part of UPN’s black family drama “The Parkers”. She exuded an overwhelming self-confidence and was able to bring the figure to life.

This actress and comedian are actually exactly alike in their serenity. The actress who won the Oscar for Best Actress has always shown it.

Mo’Nique is a longtime artist. She has a mission to do her best.

The actress encourages women to feel safe in their bodies and lose weight instead of undergoing surgery.

Through their online platforms and works like Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance, this beauty pageant is for fat women. It celebrates great women and increases their confidence by 100%.

Mo'Nique AKA Nikki from 'the Parkers'After the big weight loss, a slimmer figure shows in daring tight catsuits


Mo’Nique looks slimmer these days thanks to her posting attitude, consistent exercise, healthy eating, and the support of her lovely family.

For some time now, she has been sharing stunning photos showing her gorgeous hourglass figure in stunning outfits. The comedian looked stunning in fancy overalls over the weekend.

She shared a montage of snapshots. Wear the metallic catsuit features of Tyrell Holmes in a salt and pepper ponytail and gold low heeled peep toe shoes. Trendy jewelry is also included.

Another photo shows Mo’Nique in an open-necked jumpsuit with straps. It can be seen in the caption. She was delighted with her youthful appearance and thanked the stylists who helped design it.

A picture of Mo'Nique as Nikki from 'the Parkers |  Photo: Getty Images

She wore a purple and brown strapless catsuit that hugged her body and showed her slender curves. She also added the words:

“CATSUIT WEEKEND IS ENDING. Oh, what a great time we had … I LOVE US 4 REAL. “


The comedian was the first time a man named Shalom Watkins was for a walk, and they had a son in 1990. The union ended after two years.

It wasn’t long before the famous Mark met Jackson. They dated for several years before getting married in 1997. They could have a son, Mark Jr., for a while. Mo’Nique was unable to balance motherhood and fame, so the union ended.

After a failed engagement to Marvin Dawson, Mo’Nique found love in the arms of Sidney Hicks.

Hicks has been married to the actress for over a decade. When they first met, Hicks stated that they were married in an open marriage. However, Hicks has since announced that she and the actress had a change in their relationship. She talked about her union. :

“There’s an evolution of what an ‘open marriage’ means because when you’re a father and mother of three, you don’t have a lot of time to throw around a lot.”

They have been together for over 30 years and that change hasn’t affected their relationship. Sidney said he still loves his wife.


2005 was a memorable year for every movie star. Say hello to their twin boys – the youngest sons – in October. Cedar-Sinai Hospital (LA) gave birth to the boys on October 10th.

Although Jonathan and David were born two months earlier than expected, Mo’Nique Hicks, Mo’Nique’s parents, were delighted with this new addition to the family.

She has been a constant supporter of their love and praised it online. Sharing photos of their identical sons

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