Molly Wows With Impressive 6-Month Weight Loss Progress

90-day fiancée Molly began her weight loss journey in February. It now gives an update with a commendable before and after image comparison.

Molly Hopkins surprised many 90 days fiance Fans with another impressive weight loss update that posted a before and after picture of her face that showed a significant difference. The reality TV star has tried to tone her body for the past few months, but she never wanted to be skinny or sexy. Molly hugs her curves and encourages other plus size women to flaunt their bodies without inhibitions.

Because of this, the TLC star recently attended the Curve Expo and won the Body Positivity Award. Many 90-day fiancé fans were proud of Molly and showered her with many compliments. While Angela Deem and Tiffany Franco underwent weight loss surgery, Molly worked hard to achieve her ideal body weight. She decided to lose weight naturally by taking healthy weight loss supplements.

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A radiant face in May

Molly Hopkins Weight Loss 90 Days Fiancé

Molly began her weight loss journey in February. By May, many positive changes were visible on her face. Molly showed her radiant face and slim body in a skin-tight back top. When Molly first appeared on the show, she had broad shoulders and a chubby face. In this new picture, her jaw looked angular and her shoulder looked smaller than before. When many fans asked, Molly announced that she had been taking Plexus products that contain collagen.

New leaner body in July

The mother of two revealed that she lost 27 pounds in just a few months after taking weight loss supplements. She showed off her shockingly slimmer body in a leopard print swimsuit. Along with the weight loss, Molly confirmed that her legs are no longer restless and that she has more energy than before. She told 90 Day Fiancé fans that she consumed herbal products that keep her colon clean and healthy. While some fans accused Molly of promoting a particular brand, others were intrigued to see the positive change in Molly’s body.

Molly’s slim and radiant face in August

After six months of weight loss, Molly posted a before and after picture of her face. Molly’s face is beaming and her double chin is completely gone. Even if the photo on the right was taken in low light, there is no doubt that Molly now has a sleek and healthy face. She titled the picture comparison: “From February to July the difference is clear. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made. “Lots of fans praised Molly’s progress, leaving comments like,” Looks good Molly, I’m proud of you “and” You definitely look healthy and well, absolutely gorgeous. ” 90 days fiance Alum Molly revealed that her new regime makes her look better on the outside and feel great on the inside.

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