Molly Flaunts Massive Weight Loss in Before & After Photos

Molly Hopkins shocked fans by posting her formidable weight loss transformation on IG. She follows a plant-based diet to lose weight.

Molly Hopkins from 90 days fiance is constantly taking off and showing it on Instagram. This time around, she shocked many fans by posting before and after pictures showing a drastic difference in her weight. It seems like Molly found a diet that really works for her body. Previously, she spoke about her struggles to lose weight and shared that she was a stress eater. Another 90-day fiancé, Natalie Mordovtseva, gained weight while living in stressful conditions.

The 36-year-old beauty told her Instagram followers that she ate too much while living with husband Mike Youngquist and gained about 20 pounds. She has now lost the extra weight through a change in diet and cosmetic surgery for an attractive slim figure. She also started her own fitness program for other 90 day fiancee fans to lose weight and get a fit body. Natalie looks pretty happy back to her original figure. She exudes happiness in all of her latest social media pics.

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Molly looks amazing too after losing over 40 pounds. In the shocking before and after pictures, she shows a drastic weight loss. In the first picture, the reality TV star takes a mirror selfie to show off her tighter stomach, tighter shoulders and overall smaller physique with less body fat. In the next picture, 90 day fiancé viewers can see that she has lost the plumpness from her face and that her double chin is almost invisible. Although she wears makeup in the photo, she has a great glow on her face.

The single mother of two used the hashtag “#TestimonyTuesday” and captioned the photo comparison with “You wonder what I’m doing … are you wondering what a few months of all natural herbal products can do?” Proof is the custard honey, @mollyhopkins_plexus. “It appears she is on a plant-based diet using weight loss products sold by Plexus. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are stunned to see a shocking difference in Molly’s figure. They left comments like, “Hard work pays off. You look amazing ”,“ Girl, you look amazing. Go on with the plant-based diet “and” now you are really RADIANT and GLOWING! ”

However, some fans believe that Molly is cheating on her fans for having undergone weight loss surgery or taking pills to help lose weight. The 90-day fiancé star has already raised this issue and communicated that she wanted to lose weight the old-fashioned way. Also, she doesn’t have the luxury of taking time out from work to get liposuction and then relax. Molly claimed that if she had surgery she would look like a person, and 90 days fiance Fans couldn’t have recognized them!

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