Lilesville native loses 75 lbs on new diet

				                                Photos courtesy of Sherri Cook Sherri Cook? S Before and After as a result of the Eight Month DLK Diet.

Photos courtesy of Sherri Cook

Sherri Cook’s Before and After as a result of the eight month DLK diet.

WADESBORO – Sherri Cook had tried everything.

At nearly 300 pounds, struggling with fatigue, depression and anxiety, insomnia, poor concentration, and low self-esteem, Cook needed a change, but strict diets always failed and it was impossible to measure the contents of everything she ate.

She was tired of being tired. So she looked at the keto diet and worried that it would be another very restrictive diet, but in the comments section of a website she read about “dirty lazy keto” or DLK, which was started by Stephanie Laska and described her book “Dirty, Lazy, Keto: Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds”.

After Cook, 56, started DLK, she said she lost 75 pounds in eight months. She built a relationship with Laska, who wanted to show that this diet can help people over 50 lose weight. Laska then invited Cook to appear with her in Women’s World magazine to share her experience.

“I just love this way of life,” Cook said in an interview. “I don’t have to count anything … I just take it one meal after the other and do it as ‘dirty lazy keto’ as I can.”

While someone on the traditional keto diet would try to eat 55-60% fat, 30-35% protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates, the DLK method only requires you to limit the carbohydrates, according to the Medical News Daily.

Cook, an assistant manager at Dollar General, said the diet allowed her to still eat processed foods, and the “dirty” part of DLK is that she can eat some non-keto and then make up for it while she is under 20 Net carbohydrates remains.

“After the first week, I knew it was going to work,” she said, immediately noticing changes in her appetite, energy, and sleep schedule. Her insomnia forced her to take naps during the day and feel exhausted after work. But when she started DLK, she said she had the energy to work all day without that crash.

She lost about 10 pounds a month.

“I feel better … I have a lot of energy, I can focus more – it’s just a better life,” said Cook. “My depression is gone, my anxiety is gone.”

Cook lost her brother to COVID-19 in April, saying that being healthier to deal with that loss made a world of difference.

“I really believe that if I didn’t have this lifestyle, things would be very different,” said Cook. “It helped me deal with it.”

All of her extra energy has enabled her to include more of the things she enjoys in her life and to be a greater part of the life of her loved ones. She says she now spends more time with family, can help others, and can chat with more friends who couldn’t keep up in the past.

One of her least healthy habits was her daily bag of Cheetos and a Pepsi that she had while at work, and she doesn’t miss them.

Her favorite meal, which was a staple of her transformation, was browning a hamburger with chopped onions, placing it in a casserole dish with cheese slices, which is then baked until the cheese has melted, and topping with lettuce and pickle slices and Keto Big Mac Sauce. Then mix up mayo and G. Hughes sugar-free ketchup and pickled relish, and she and her family add jicama fries to it – their 7-year-old grandson says it’s better than McDonald’s.

Cook didn’t add any new exercises to her routine, but says she trains on the job every day to unload boxes.

Her weight loss plateaued in October, but she held the weight.

For those interested, Laska’s website, books, podcasts and YouTube shows offer all possibilities to deal with the DLK method.

Cook’s advice to anyone looking to lose weight is to have it one meal at a time, starting with breakfast, and doing it as “DLK” as possible.

“I haven’t worried about my macros once in this whole process,” she said.

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