Leftovers: General Mills’ Pillsbury rolls out baking kits; Unilever and Chrissy Teigen fry up a new sauce

Leftovers is our look at some of the product ideas that are popping up everywhere. Some are fascinating, some sound awesome, and some are the kind of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write about everything that’s presented to us, so here are some scraps from our inboxes.

Pillsbury is leaning towards do-it-yourself baking with new kits

As more consumers turn to baking during COVID-19, General Mills is The launch of six new products under its Pillsbury brand provides convenient, homemade shortcuts to many popular offerings.

They contain two Pull-Apart bread kits, Mini Cinni Stix, Mini Pizza Crusts, and snack-sized edible Cookie Dough Poppins that can be eaten straight out of the box. The easy-to-manufacture products are available nationwide. According to a company spokesman, General Mills is planning to expand the backset range to include additional offers in the future.

“As we go back to old schedules, it’s important to keep family time a priority,” said Tiffany Seelen, experience leader for the Pillsbury brand. “These products offer the same home baking convenience that Pillsbury is known for, and we are excited to add even more variety to our portfolio with these offerings.” (Hometown Food owns the exclusive rights to Pillsbury’s long-life baked goods and dessert products.)

As consumers spend much of 2020 at home and have more time to spend, baking and cooking are growing in popularity. People who may have been hesitant or nervous about preparing food from scratch in the kitchen suddenly realized they could and made it a part of their normal routine.

An Instagram poll quoted by General Mills found 97% of the 1,000-plus respondents said they would bake more during quarantine and 98% said they will continue to bake in the future.

But with shoppers risking more even with the latest variant of COVID-19, companies want to target consumers who still love to bake but have a lot more to do than they did a few months ago. For example, Hershey has promoted Baking as a year-round activityrather than just something for families to do together in the fall.

Yet few were as active as General Mills. In addition to the new Pillsbury range, the company’s Betty Crocker brand will be launched in January introduced cupcake and giant biscuit kits.

– Christopher Döring

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Courtesy Unilever

Sir Kensington’s and Chrissy Teigen cook a new way of eating (and watching) fries

French fries were made handy for dipping, and with the new launch from Sir Kensington, consumers who don’t want to eat them with a tomato-based seasoning have another option.

The premium spice brand belonging to Unilever worked with cookbook author and TV star Chrissy Teigen on the development Sir Kensington’s honey mustard fry sauce.

“French fries are nothing without a sauce and I’ve had the ambition to create the perfect dip for a long time,” said Teigen in the press release that announced the market launch. “Hearty, sweet, flavorful and satisfying, we’ve created something that checks all the boxes in my head and screams for a salty french fry.”

The Fry Sauce is made from high quality, GMO-free ingredients, including Class A mustard seeds and fair trade organic honey. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

For fried potato lovers in Utah, however, the fact that a honey-mustard seasoning is marketed as a fry sauce may seem like sacrilege. The beehive state has its own fry sauce, on pink mix of ketchup and mayonnaise Invented in 1940 by Chef Don Carlos Edwards. The sauce is served across the state and is even bottled by Arctic Circle, the Edwards restaurant chain. (And yes, Kraft Heinz a ketchup-mayo mixture is made and bottled and called it mayochup.)

Apart from the product name, Teigen has created something different for sauce and fries: a full-length documentary about – what else?Fries. “FRIES! The Movie” is streaming on Peacock and tries to understand the worldwide obsession with french fries. It was produced by Teigen and her company Huntley Productions, who worked with production company Zero Point Zero on behalf of Sir Kensington and Unilever. Star documentary writer and podcast host Malcolm Gladwell, star chef Eric Ripert, and Dave Arnold, the founder and president of the Museum of Food and Drink.

Consumers all over the world have various favorite dips for your fries, although ketchup is the clear favorite in the US. A streamable documentary about french fries and a different type of dip sounds like a combination for a day with snacks at home. Just add potatoes.

– Megan Poinski

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Cappello’s keto frozen pizza turns the heat off

Gluten-free brand Cappello’s hopes to attract health conscious pizza lovers with their latest product with a surprising vegetable as the main ingredient.

The company has announced Range of keto certified frozen pizzas. It includes two types – whole milk mozzarella cheese and Buffalo Ranch as well as an easy crust for consumers to make their own pizza.

Unlike his other products, which are mainly made from almond flour, the pizzas contain a new main ingredient, according to Cappello: beets. Although vegetables have not previously been a staple of many products on the frozen food market, among their many health benefits they offer calcium and vitamins C and B.

Other ingredients are almond flour, cage-free eggs and flaxseed. The Buffalo Ranch strain is topped with cauliflower, another popular gluten-free ingredient. The keto-friendly crust and pizzas are available from the Whole Foods Market for $ 7.99 and $ 10.99, respectively. The products are also available from other retailers, including Kroger chains Mariano’s, Ralphs, Fry’s and Smith’s or on the Cappello website Per $ 10 and $ 13.

Ben Frohlichstein, co-founder and co-CEO of Cappello’s, said the product was “purposely made to satisfy the consumer as a classic slice of pizza would.”

The keto food market continues to grow as the diet has gained popularity among people who want to improve their health by reducing carbohydrates, with Technavio predicting the market will reach $ 1.18 billion by 2024. Keto diets are said to reduce the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Products marked Keto certified deserve this award from the Paleo Foundation, an organization that certifies foods made for the keto and paleo diets. Other pizzas from The Keto Oven and Foster Farms have also received the Keto Certified stamp.

The frozen pizza market has recorded an increase in sales in recent years, together with others Frozen food amid the pandemic. Time will tell if Cappello’s beet-fortified pizzas will appeal to keto-curious consumers, but the combination of veggies and certification can give the brand a differentiating edge.

– Chris Casey

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