LeanFeast meal prep restaurant open in Meridian, ID

Idahoans with busy lifestyles and healthy food preferences have a new restaurant to check out.

LeanFeast opened on Monday at 2830 N. Eagle Road, near Trader Joe’s. LeanFeast, a locally owned franchise location, is “an exciting new clean food / meal prep restaurant,” according to an email from the company. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, LeanFeast offers thousands of “fresh, healthy and affordable meal combinations” daily.

There are 15 LeanFeast franchises in the United States. This is the first in Idaho. “We are revolutionizing the modern food market,” explains the Meridian restaurant on its website.

“Do you want to clean up your diet to lose weight, get leaner, get strong, or just feel great? Your healthy eating experience can be made easier with LeanFeast. We facilitate healthy eating through a fully customizable and fully personalized plan that will meet almost any of your nutritional needs or restrictions. With more than 4,500 meal prep combinations available, you’ll never get enough of our delicious food. You can conveniently order online for next day pickup or drop by the store and put together a meal or 20. We are a good choice for those who are too busy to cook, want to eat healthier or have special dietary requirements. “

“Clean Eating” is a diet that focuses on whole foods and dispenses with ready meals and processed foods. LeanFeast says its meal prep service also offers portion control, keto, paleo, gluten-free, and low-carb options.

But aside from addressing specific nutritional needs, LeanFeast is really all about convenience. “Can you imagine spending 5 minutes in front of your computer one evening and having ALL of your healthy meals prepared for you for the next week and waiting to be picked up the next morning?” Asked followers on Facebook.

The order via the LeanFeast menu is made after a “Choose your protein”, “Choose your carbohydrates” and “Choose your vegetables”. The restaurant sells “daily crush packs” like a 4-ounce meal, protein bar, and drink for $ 14.50. Or you can buy prep packs in bulk. A batch of five 4-ounce chicken and five 4-ounce steak meals costs $ 80. Do you have family members with a serious appetite? For $ 100 instead of $ 80, this prep kit can contain 8-ounce meals.

Portions should never be smaller or larger than expected. “We weigh and measure every ingredient in every meal,” says LeanFeast, “exactly and exactly as you order it …”

Interested in the macronutrients – aka fat, protein, sugar and the like? LeanFeast has a macro chart on its website.

For a certain type of customer, LeanFeast definitely has a strong pull. A Yelp review from LeanFeast in San Jose, California gave the restaurant five stars out of five. With so many choices to choose from, the reviewer encouraged guests to try different meats, vegetables, and sauces to see what they might prefer.

“If you’re looking for a quick, highly tweakable meal plan, this is the way to go,” wrote the reviewer. “… for the price you get a great way to customize meals and eat healthily.”

LeanFeast in Meridian is open seven days a week. Online: www.leanfeastmeridian.com. Phone: (208) 261-2484.

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