Leah Simmons offers free workouts during lockdown

The latest celebrity workout craze keeping Pip Edwards and Mike Tyson fit is offered online for free to hundreds of people stuck in lockdown.

Keeping Sydney strong during the lockdown, fitness guru Leah Simmons is offering the same workouts to hundreds of people stuck at home to keep celebs Mike Tyson and Pip Edwards in shape – for free.

The Bondi-based personal trainer has been running free workouts through Zoom every day at 7:30 a.m. for the past few weeks to help people stay physically and mentally fit during the lockdown.

“I just knew the work had to be out there for people to get through the lockdown. And for me, I firmly believe that the more you give, the more you get back, ”she said.

The free sessions were incredibly popular. Up to 700 people from Sydney to Denmark and Amsterdam attended the session at the same time, and some said the training “changed their lives”.

“The response moved me to tears. People have made some big breakthroughs, whether it be finding the courage to leave a toxic relationship, taking the first step out of a hospital bed, or leaving the house after a year at home, “she said.

Simmons’ revolutionary KAAIAA fitness program is no ordinary workout. Each hour-long session integrates four pillars of health: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through the combination of Pilates, bodyweight exercises and meditation.

She started the program earlier this year after seeing a niche in the market and has since enjoyed great success, with celebrity Edwards, boxing legend Tyson and actor Joel Edgerton all trying the workout.

“It’s a workout that satisfies the need to be physically active, but it also gives you the space to find your center and take a deep breath in your practice,” she said.

“We start with breathing work, then we start our physical pillar, which is rooted in my training as a Pilates teacher. Then we do a guided meditation and finally the spiritual pillar, which includes an integration technique. “

The training is a combination of the skills of Ms. Simmons as a Pilates teacher and Kundalini yoga teacher in Bali. But it was a difficult time in her own life that inspired her to develop the exercise program.

“It was a 14-year journey for me. I was in the fitness industry for a long time and got really caught up in the Instagram wave when it started …

“I started to feel a massive disconnect between how I looked and how I felt. I felt miserable and started to wonder why I was so unhappy when I was exercising so much? And it made me realize that we are so much more than just a body. We are thoughts, we are connections, we are emotions. ”

Now, Ms. Simmons hopes the free sessions will allow her to share her own transformation journey with others and help people find the strength to break through the lockdown.

“If we know one thing, and especially in this situation, the only thing you can control is how you react to it and what I’m trying to teach people with KAAIAA.”

People can register here.

Originally published as Leah Simmons offers free workouts during lockdown

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