Kate Hudson Reveals Her Exact Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Workout Plan to Stay Fit

It looks like Dolly Parton isn’t the only starlet whose ice cream you’ll find in the freezer this summer! Kate Hudson’s own ice cream flavor debuted yesterday – and for you, eating it might actually be a smart move. We’re in full control of the new Kate Hudson ice cream, as the multi-dash talent also comes with Eat This, Not That! to find out about the nutrition and exercise plan that will help her stay healthy and balanced.

How do you celebrate a year since you launched your own nutritional powders? With ice! Kate Hudson made a mashup with one of her INBLOOM plant-based wellness powders, Brain Flow. Now she is presenting the result: Van Leeuwen’s new INBLOOM Vegan Cashew Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Ice Cream.

It sounds irresistible – but Van Leeuwen founder Ben Van Leeuwen explains Eat This, Not That! how this ice cream can do more than just taste amazing. “INBLOOM’s Brain Flow has cocoa notes that we knew would combine so well with our vegan chocolate ice cream,” says Van Leeuwen. “But it also has the added benefit of strengthening your brain’s natural abilities to support memory and focus, while dampening stress that we could take advantage of these days.”

As an entrepreneur, mother of three, and actress (currently filming in Europe), Kate Hudson knows a thing or two about finding that focus. Check out what she’s serving and don’t miss out on the workout she just shared to get that firm butt. (Go after those squats!)

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Those big arms, that tight back? They don’t happen by accident. To kick off the conversation, Hudson revealed that when she eats is just as important as what she eats. “I’ve been doing intermittent fasting recently to keep my weight down and increase my energy levels,” she revealed.

Learn more about intermittent fasting and read on for their typical menu of the day.


“When I wake up in the morning, I always have a cup of coffee,” says Hudson, “sometimes followed by a glass of celery juice.” (A great way to add moisture!)

“Breakfast is one of my favorite meals,” she says. “I love soft-boiled eggs with turkey bacon or scrambled egg white with spinach and sausage.”

It sounds like Kate Hudson turns to her supplements in the morning too: “I also make all kinds of smoothies with different INBLOOM blends. I’ve been exercising and exercising quite a bit lately. Beauty Aura is another favorite for a delicious, fruity collagen infusion. “

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Kate Hudson says she fills up with lots of vegetables and other sources of vitamins and minerals at lunchtime. “Lunch is usually some kind of salad with lots of healthy ingredients,” she said.

Smart girl – read what happens to your body when you eat salad every day.

Courtesy of Van Leeuwen’s new INBLOOM Vegan Cashew Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Ice Cream

“Dinner is family time,” Hudson told us. “I love to cook and have everyone around the table. At home, I always try to cook as many meals as possible.”

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Kate Hudson shares a lot of gym moves on social media, but this busy mom brought us up on her philosophy of staying in shape. “When I’m at home, Pilates is one of my favorite exercises. I also have a peloton bike and a treadmill and will upgrade those with a little weight training.

“But you have to figure out what gets you off the couch and makes you feel good,” said Hudson. “It’s about doing the things you love. Exercising doesn’t mean killing yourself in a hot room for two hours. You can take a nice walk or hike, go on a bike ride, chase your kids around while you are cleaning the house. It all counts – as long as you keep moving. “

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For all that wellness motivation, you probably guessed that Kate Hudson is getting a little brighter.

Between the new Van Leeuwen INBLOOM ice cream, her vodka brand Fabletics and more, she tells us this about fun: “For me, it’s all about balance! But let’s face it – balance is really hard to achieve for a working mom or ANY mom. Health has always been a major priority in my life, but as I got older and became a mom, the way I think changed even more. Putting the needs of others above yourself is a great way to find perspective and balance in your life, but sometimes I realize it’s been weeks since I haven’t seen another person! So it’s important too Finding time for yourself to stay healthy and happy, especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate! “

bloom of lionsCourtesy Van Leeuwen

We asked the actress to tell a little more about this new ice cream, and she started by telling more about the INBLOOM Brain Flow powder it contained. “Brain Flow contains super delicious cocoa and has a touch of earthy mushroom in it, so it tastes great AND helps sharpen your focus,” she said. “Chocolate and strawberry is a classic combination that makes this mix delicious and good for you too. Brain Flow also contains ingredients like gingko and ashwagandha, which really help support cognition and fight stress. I can’t stand a busy day at work and full inbox without it! “

We feel that!

Curious how to get your hands on this vegan cashew milk-based ice cream? A Van Leeuwen representative announced that the limited-edition flavor will be available at all five Van Leeuwen locations in Los Angeles, as well as by the pint on their website. In addition, with every purchase of the Live INBLOOM Kit, INBLOOM offers two free pints of the brand’s full range of high-performance blends.

For more wellness inspo, read on:

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