Julia & Brandon Irk Fans By Posting Controversial Ad

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are promoting a questionable weight loss product on Instagram that has disappointed many 90-day fiancé fans.

Former 90 days fiance The stars Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina were dragged for promoting a controversial product on Instagram. After appearing on the TLC show, many reality TV stars are looking for other ways to make money. Stars like Paul and Karine Staehle started recording videos for fans on Cameo. Some other TV stars like Paula Mayfield and Anfisa Arkhipchenko started their modeling careers and now work as fitness trainers. Deavan Clegg launched her YouTube channel and started creating adult content on OnlyFans.

Some 90-day fiancee celebs are starting to work with health-focused brands and promoting their weight loss products on social media. Angela Deem has been convicted of posting a controversial advertisement on Instagram. With many viewers on the show watching the Meemaw undergo weight loss surgery, she has been criticized for falsely promoting a product that did not help her lose weight. Similarly, 46-year-old beauty Molly Hopkins has been accused of promoting a tiered marketing program on her Instagram page. The former TLC star claimed she lost over 22 pounds from taking supplements, but some fans don’t believe her.

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After Nicole Nafziger, Danielle Jbali and Angela, Julia and Brandon are promoting a product on Instagram that supposedly helps you lose weight. In the picture, the Russian-born is holding an apple cider vinegar gum and Brandon has clenched the bottle between his teeth. Julia advertised the gummy bears and wrote, “I get all the benefits of traditional ACV without the unpleasant taste.” While the couple seem quite happy with the product, many 90-day fiancé fans are disappointed to see these advertisements, calling the couple “scammers”.

Many fans don’t believe that Julia and Brandon actually consume these gums. One fan said, “Julia looks like she tastes terrible and she does[‘s] Afraid to eat it. “Another fan chimed in:” Are they all getting paid to sell that ass ?? “Someone else wrote,” Disappointed that you do that and the picture is just weird and tasteless. ” A few fans also remembered the time Julia shared her judgmental views on plastic surgery and asked her co-stars to just hit the gym to lose weight.

Former go-go dancer Julia has gotten a lot of trouble on social media lately. She was first accused of controlling her husband and being ungrateful to his parents for keeping her on her farm. After watching Tell-All, many viewers called Julia insensitive for ignoring Brandon’s father’s health challenges and completely refusing to return to the farm. It seems as if Julia has to choose the brand offers after much deliberation, as the fans are very smart. Many 90 days fiance Viewers don’t fall for unconvincing advertisements or buy products at face value.

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