Jackie O reveals new look after 10kg weight loss using WW

After giving up her Uber Eats habit for $ 300 a week, radio star Jackie O Henderson revealed her new look after losing 10 kg.

The KIIS FM radio host previously announced that she had “put on a lot” during the pandemic and described herself as “the greatest she ever was”.

While stuck at home, she turned to take-out to brighten her days, ordering around $ 300 a week from Uber Eats for burgers to Mexican food.

She also loved snacking on salty seaweed crackers, specifically asking to be cut from an episode of The Masked Singer in August 2020, blaming the savory item for making her “very puffy” and uncomfortable felt.

But in June, the 46-year-old decided to take control of her eating habits and become an ambassador for WW.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program, formerly known as Weight Watchers, follows a “Smartpoints” system that assigns “points” to different foods based on their calories, saturated fats, sugars and proteins.

Jackie said using it helped her gain a better understanding of diet – and she lost 10 kg in the process.

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“It’s all about knowing what to buy and what not to buy,” she told news.com.au.

“I’ve obviously made mistakes and thought something was healthy when it wasn’t, like not knowing what’s in the beef patty compared to the lean beef patty.

“These are very simple things. This is the stuff I’ve trained myself in, and that’s why I find WW is much more sustainable than anything I’ve done in the past. “

One of the other most valuable lessons Jackie, a mother of one child, learned is that you can still have the foods you crave – including convenient take-away meals.

“That doesn’t mean we still don’t get Uber Eats. Of course, I order food for my daughter Kitty when she wants something, but it’s not what I used to order.

“The amount of money I also saved.”

Now Jackie cooks most of the meals for her and 10-year-old Kitty and shows that she can master a healthy burger that “tastes just as good as the real one”.

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The early morning starts with Jackie’s appearance hosting the number one breakfast radio show, along with co-host Kyle Sandilands also starring in Jackie’s old food offerings.

She used to deal with the catering at work, but now her morning is “completely different”.

“If I’m just doing the radio show and have no other commitments, I’ll cook my meals, be it vegetables or fish,” she explained.

“But during my working hours and on set, I have ready-made (frozen) meals to take away that are low on points.”

The WW app has a points system that tells members the exact nutritional value of a product that Jackie called “genius”.

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“I feel more confident”

Prior to her transformation, Jackie said the way she felt about herself had reached a point where she refused to leave home for fear of being judged.

“I was really hiding for a long time because I put on so much and felt very embarrassed because I was worried about going to the grocery store and people saying, ‘Oh, look at Jackie, she’s up stacked with the weight, ‘”she said at the time.

But now she has revealed that she is happier in herself and says that she is ready to show off her new and confident self once the lock is lifted.

“It’s a shame we’re banned because I’m ready to go out and socialize. I even have some new outfits that I want to wear, ”she laughed.

“I feel a lot better now. I really do. I am so clichéd. But seriously, I have a lot more energy. “

Jackie would now like to play tennis on her local courts and would like to get back into HITT training.

“I love working up a sweat, but I build on it and take small steps when it comes to fitness,” she said.

She currently takes regular brisk walks, but encourages anyone struggling with lockdown not to be “too hard on themselves.”

“It’s really a ‘I’m not doing this for a six week challenge, I’ll do this for the long term’ mindset and so it’s okay if you have a shitty day.

“I think we just don’t have to punish ourselves these days, especially with what we’re going through.”

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