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I’ve been doing keto for several years. Unfortunately, in the early days of the pandemic, staying on a keto was difficult for one simple reason: grocery stores in my area were completely sold out of chicken and beef. Unsure how long the bottlenecks and panic buying would last, I decided to sign up after reading a couple of ButcherBox reviews. I wasn’t sure what to expect – after all, it’s expensive and I wasn’t sure the quality of the meat would be worth it.

So is the ButcherBox worth it in 2021, especially at a time when there is plenty of meat (even if the pandemic does not end)? In this review, I’ll outline the pros and cons of ButcherBox, starting with a few basics: what it costs, how much meat you actually get, the quality, and last but not least, the final verdict.

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– How is the meat quality?
– How many pounds of meat are in each box?
– How fast does ButcherBox ship?
– Can you skip months with ButcherBox?
– The final verdict: Is ButcherBox worth it?
– ButcherBox coupon codes

How does ButcherBox work?

Let’s start with the basics: how does a ButcherBox subscription work? First of all, you need to choose your subscription type. Yes, you can change your ButcherBox subscription at any time!

ButcherBox offers a total of five subscription options: a curated box or one of four curated boxes:

  • Mixed box: Offers you a mix of beef, pork and chicken
  • Beef and Pork Box: Different cuts of beef and pork
  • Beef and chicken box: Various pieces of beef and chicken
  • All Beef Box: Different cuts of beef

Personally, I went for the Custom Box, which gives you full control over what you get. As long as you update your selections before you are billed for the month, you are spot on!

How much does ButcherBox cost per month?

Starting in 2021, ButcherBox Custom Boxes will cost $ 149 for their Classic Box (9-14 pounds of meat) and $ 270 per order for their Big Box (18-26 pounds of meat). Boxes curated by ButcherBox are slightly cheaper ($ 129 and $ 238).

There are tons of ButcherBox promo codes out there too that will earn you free meat. For example, when I signed up for ButcherBox, I used this free ground beef promo code for a lifetime. Translation: For every box ordered, I get two 1-pound packets of minced meat for free.

Note: I’m delving into the details around ButcherBox billing below (e.g. whether or not you can skip a month) so keep scrolling.

How is the meat in ButcherBox?

I have this weird meat thing, which is not ideal given my keto diet. Let’s just say I’ve had some really, really bad encounters with grocery store meat. The worst? Ground beef from Jewel (an Albertson store) that was out of date but smelled absolutely rancid when I started cooking it. The smell was so bad it put me off the ground beef for months. I have chicken too. Sometimes the stuff you get from regular grocery stores just tastes weird.

Needless to say, I’m suspicious of meat, which as I mentioned earlier is probably one of the worst things you can have on a keto diet.

Which brings me to the true testimony of this ButcherBox review: What is the meat quality like?

[cue drumroll]

Here’s the good news: the meat I got from ButcherBox was consistently great. No funky chicken, no sketchy tasting beef – all the meat tastes fresh and good and of high quality. I’ve tried a pretty good selection of products (chicken breast, ground beef, various steaks) and haven’t tried anything that I didn’t like.

The only downside: I wish they’d date every package. I noticed that some of the chicken breasts have dates, but not all. Once they get separated, you will be out of luck. I have meat from last summer that I have yet to use and noticed that a couple of pieces of chicken breast had a “Best Buy” date that had passed. So I asked myself whether I should assume that everything from last summer is no longer in top form. (Did I mention I’m suspicious of meat?)

In the future, I’ll probably mark the date I received the meat just so I can better keep track of its age. Since I live alone it can take a while to work through a single box and sometimes random steaks get buried in the back of my freezer.

How many pounds of meat are in the ButcherBox?

The amount of meat you get in your ButcherBox ranges from 9 to 26 pounds depending on a few factors – namely the size of your box and the cuts you choose. For example, you can choose six items in the Classic Box. As you can see in the screenshot below, the weight of a single selection varies and you get a larger amount of cheaper options like chicken breast or ground beef, while getting a smaller amount of more expensive items.

Is ButcherBox worth it?

How fast does ButcherBox ship?

ButcherBox usually ships orders 2-3 days after your invoice date. In my experience, ButcherBox ships their boxes overnight. I live in Chicago and this is where the boxes are shipped by a company called JDS and they usually arrive very early in the morning after they are picked up (sometimes as early as 7am).

ButcherBox packs their boxes with dry ice and I’ve never had problems defrosting them. If anything, the meat was actually too cold to ingest due to the use of dry ice.

This leads me to my little complaint about ButcherBox: I had a couple of boxes that contained loose dry ice. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until I pulled meat out and dry ice was spilled all over the floor. I thought I had cleaned everything up, but I didn’t and had the uncomfortable experience of stepping on a piece of dry ice. This could have been especially disastrous in a household with young children running around. Needless to say, open your box with care!

Can you skip months with ButcherBox?

Yes indeed! You can absolutely skip months with ButcherBox. For me, that’s the biggest selling point. I live alone and there are some months when I just don’t consume much of the meat I have ordered. Skipping months is incredibly easy. About 5 days before your order is billed, ButcherBox will send you an email notification. This will give you time to log into the website, review your order settings, and postpone your order. Unlike a regular subscription program, ButcherBox offers tons of flexibility – you can postpone your delivery date by a week, a month, or even a few months! This is great for people who travel a lot, have a fluctuating budget, or just aren’t sure if they need that much meat. If I had been categorized into monthly deliveries, I would probably have canceled ages ago! I skipped the last ~ 6 months or so (what can I say? I was incredibly lazy about cooking) and the process went smoothly.

ButcherBox Review: Is ButcherBox 2021 Worth It?

After subscribing to ButcherBox for almost two years, I’d say ButcherBox is worth it. It gave me access to the kind of high quality meat that was incredibly difficult for me to find in my area. For someone on a keto diet, it’s a game changer!

Advantages and disadvantages of the ButcherBox:


  • Good quality meat and a wide selection
  • The ability to skip weeks (or even months) of your subscription
  • Free product with every box
  • fast delivery times


  • The cost can be prohibitive for some, especially large families
  • If you have a small freezer, a single box can quickly take up most of your freezer space

ButcherBox coupon codes 2021

TL; DR: Here is a ButcherBox coupon code.

ButcherBox’s promotions are constantly changing and are typically seasonal (e.g. summer BBQ packages). Some of the newer promotions were:

  • Keto Bundle Ft. 10 Pounds of Meat Free!
  • 6 burgers, 8 hot dogs and 3 pounds of chicken for free
  • 2 lobster tails and 2 grass-fed ribeyes for free
  • Free bacon for life

I did a bit of research to find the best ButcherBox promo code and it seems that every code on the usual coupon sites (Groupon, RetailMeNot etc) all leads to the same promo page … Some of these websites only list outdated promotions. This ButcherBox coupon code link takes you straight to the latest giveaways available.
I’ve come across a couple of websites that offer $ 10 or $ 15 worth of coupons, but when you do the math, the free meat is way more valuable. For example, the current promotion at the time I wrote this (10 pounds of free meat) is roughly equivalent to a full box that costs $ 149, so be sure to go for the free product!

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