I am a Lawyer, a Diabetic Who Lost 24 Kgs by NOT Starving Myself

Journey To Weight Loss In Real Life: When you are overweight or obese, your body is prone to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. As we all know, the human body is designed to move. If we don’t give our muscles and bones the exercise they deserve, they wear out. Losing weight and staying fit becomes even more important if you are diagnosed with diabetes or other diseases, as being overweight can lead to further complications. Neeha Nagpal, a lawyer and activist, was diagnosed with diabetes in 2016 and decided to start her fitness journey. She lost 50 pounds in 12 months.Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I Lose 50 Pounds in 5 Months Eating Noodles and Pasta

Her busy life as a lawyer challenged her health and her course correction and path to health and fitness are simply inspiring. It went way beyond just dramatic weight loss, it underwent a complete transformation through a deeper understanding of diet. Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I lost 22 kg in 8 months with a mixed diet and early dinner

Turning point and motivation: To be honest! My journey to fitness has been the most exciting journey of my life. It was a journey of self-discovery. Before I knew it, I was a plus-size young girl in school. It would really bother me. I tried to lose weight but it just never happened. But getting sick in 2016 changed your life. In the middle of 2016 I got seriously ill with diabetes. I couldn’t handle being into insulin – it was pure torture. My doctors told me to lose 20 kg when they asked when I would stop taking the insulin. And boom, I got into it and it happened magic! Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I Lose 50 Pounds By Taking 10,000 Steps Every Day, Yoga, and Intermittent Fasting

From XL to medium: It was cheers for the scales to see I lost another pound. Switching from size XL to medium was just too much of a fuss. Seeing the inflammation decrease on my face was another motivator. I started to look good, I came alive on an inner level. Do I have to say more!

Neeha Nagpal

Weight Loss Journey and the Diet: I make sure to take a 12-14 hour break between dinner and my morning meal. I don’t really have breakfast. However, the first thing I do in the morning is drink two cups of hot water, one with boiled Haldi and one with apple cider vinegar, followed by fruit.

Lunch is until 1 p.m. Usually homemade. Mutta rice or gluten-free roti on an Atta basis with vegetables or a homemade pizza with a vegetable load on a gluten-free basis. I love Mutta Rice Khichri with lots of vegetables. I have it 3/4 times a week.

A snack at around 4.30pm-5pm: Salad or hummus with cucumber or hummus with roasted pumpkin seeds or a black Channa chat.

Dinner is fish / eggs / vegetables. Avoid carbohydrates at night. I try to have dinner early. Even when I go out, I avoid carbohydrates at night.

I have to admit, I add a piece of dark chocolate here and there or a small scoop minus 30 vegan / sugar-free / almond milk espresso or raspberry ice cream.

Weight loss and exercise: I can’t do without a training session. My workout is a mix of cardio + skipping + boxing + HIIT. I try to take a walk whenever I can. I try to walk 2/3 times a day. Like a short 5/7 minute walk in the middle of work in the office itself. Also keeps the spirit alive. I make sure I relax my muscles by massaging myself on Sundays once a week or by using a foam roller after a workout. Relaxing your muscles is just as important as exercising.

My mantra for losing weight: There is no shortcut to anything in life. Hard work is the key. Listen to your body. Watch your triggers – why and when you are hungry. Control hunger pangs by wondering if this hunger is coming from the mind or from the stomach. Be aware of what you are eating and what its nutrient levels are. It is also important to have specific meal times.

What worked for me: Starving didn’t work for me at all. Eating in moderation and eating timely is something that has worked for me to this day.

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