How Running Changed Me – Krista Jett Weight Loss Transformation

Age: 34
Hometown: Santa Cruz County, California
Job: Pediatric Nurse at Stanford Children’s

Takeoff weight: 170 pounds
Final weight:
120 pounds
Time is running:
Now and then since I was 18 years old.

As a petite woman, I always struggled with keeping my weight within a comfortable and constant range. A few pounds in either direction can mean that my clothes no longer fit and I feel uncomfortable with my own skin. After giving birth to my daughter, I was 50 pounds and felt terrible. None of my clothes fit before pregnancy. I had to wear my maternity clothes and my back and joints ached almost constantly. Running was very uncomfortable at the time as my knees started to hurt almost immediately after running.

My mental health was at a breaking point. As a mother of two young children (a toddler and an infant), I was chronically exhausted, my anxiety was at its peak, and I cried several times a week for no apparent reason. I took advantage of my health benefits to find a counselor who could help me manage my stress and anxiety. In talking to her, I decided that I wanted to incorporate running and walking into my everyday life in order to naturally relieve stress.

On December 30th, 2019, I decided that I just had to change my life for myself – not for my children, not for my marriage, but for myself as an individual. I felt that during my years of pregnancy and breastfeeding I had somehow lost touch with myself and my needs. I knew that right now I wanted to put some of my time and effort into self-care. I decided that day that I wanted to start a running streak in 2020 to emphasize time for myself every single day of this year. I was so excited about my decision that I started before the New Year on December 31st.

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I’ve also adjusted my diet. I struggled with snacking and not eating on purpose. I gave very little thought to my eating choices and often ate late into the night. When I started my run streak, I also started a full 30 cycle trying to retrain myself with healthier habits. Although I’ve technically been running since college when I moved to Napa Valley to attend a small liberal arts college there, my current and deeper love for running began that day in 2019 when I decided to start a run streak .

When I started running, I knew it was the beginning of something special. I chose running because I knew it was always a medium for me to connect with nature and I always enjoyed it. It was something that I could easily incorporate into my everyday life, even with my children. The first several hundred days of running took place with my children in the double stroller by my side. I’ve been streaming for over 600 days now. The streak in itself is a motivator; knowing I’ve come this far motivates me to move on and keep the streak alive.

On days I work, I get up at 5 a.m. and run before my shift. On days when my children attend preschool, I run during school time and use that as my “I” time. My current running goal is to achieve 1,000 running days in a row. My long-term running goal would be to run ultra distances and do a trail ultra. If I allow myself to dream about my future as a runner, it is about running as a profession and as an activist. I do not yet know what the path to this goal will look like, but I can say that I am actively working towards this goal every day.

In total, I have lost 50 pounds over the course of 1 year and have maintained this weight loss for 2 years now.

The biggest changes that have resulted from this whole experience are self-confidence and self-love. I’ve always struggled with fragile self-esteem and a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. Maintaining a running streak and losing weight has shown me that I am capable of hard things and that I have the student I need to do great things. I would encourage other runners to take advantage of this for themselves. The pride you will take upon yourself after completing a month of running is amazing.

Krista’s must-have gear

Brooks Adrenalin GTS 21


I literally always have two pairs on hand. They’re incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and provide just the right amount of support.

Quickly and free of charge

Quickly and free of charge


As a girl with big thighs, I always struggled with wearing running tights because I was chafing. These tights completely solve this problem and are flattering and extremely comfortable.

Osprey Dyna 1 drinking vest

Osprey Dyna 1 drinking vest


This little backpack is ultra-light and ultra-comfortable, it fits like a glove that I hardly notice it. It has just enough space for a few snacks, my keys and phone, and lots of water.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats

Beats by Dre Powerbeats


I have oddly shaped ears so traditional AirPods never worked. These headphones are incredibly comfortable and the sound quality is amazing. I can get totally lost in a song while running.

These three tips have made my weight loss with running a success:

Tip 1: Think about every run the day before.

I try to plan every run in advance so that I never get into a position where I’m out of time for a run. For example, if I know I’m going to work the next day, I plan to get up at 5am so I can run before work. Or when I know that my husband is going to work and is unable to take care of my children, then I plan an hour in our day in which I can let the children run on a local route.

Tip 2: reward yourself for a job well done.

That may sound silly, but I try to reward myself after every run. Sometimes it comes in the form of a coffee or tea from my favorite café. Sometimes it comes in the form of an Instagram post of the landscape I encountered. Or sometimes it’s as small as a confirmation telling me: “Great work, you’ve just run your 550th run in a row!” Or “Great pace! Possibility to push yourself. “

Tip 3: Prepare everything for my run the day before.
I like to lay out all of my running gear the night before so I’m less likely to skip a run. When everything is ready to drive, it makes getting up and getting out much easier. I get all of my clothes ready, fill up my water bottle, pack everything I need in a backpack, and have a snack ready. I try not to leave anything that day other than go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

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