How can a Zoom workout help you achieve your fitness and health goals

How can you stay fit and healthy despite the uncertainties this pandemic brings with it? To survive in this ever-changing world, you need to accept the current situation, be open to challenges, and learn to adapt to change. The best thing you can do right now is to focus on your wellbeing. It’s never too late to begin your healthy journey.

I started my first small-group zoom workout with Juana Yupangco’s group (her husband Rick, sister Lil, and friends Giselle, Jody, and Erin) 18 months ago. I was using my phone with a very weak WiFi connection at the time. Adjusting to the new normal was a great challenge for me. However, I was so inspired by my clients’ motivation to show up for the Zoom courses. Hence, I have done everything I can to improve every online session to give my clients the best training experience and results they want.

Stop delaying your good intentions in the hopes that things will soon go back to normal. Now, do what you can to strengthen your immune system and become stronger for your loved ones. Live online workouts like Zoom courses can really do wonders for your health. ItIt is good to watch on-demand (recorded workouts) or YouTube videos, but taking a live online class is safer and more effective as the teacher will correct your form, give you practice options and appropriate feedback during the session can.

Here are some ways to get started so that you can maximize and balance your live zoom workout sessions.

First #workoutwithMITCHonline zoom workout in March 2019 with Juana Yupangco, Giselle Yujuico, Liliana Manahan, Mitch Felipe and Erin Campos

Find an online training with a trainer that suits your goals, personality, and program preferences.

Check out available online exercise programs or ask your friends who are currently exercising with an online trainer. Inquire about the exercise program, then mention your concerns, health issues, and goals. I recommend that you schedule a one-to-one session first so that the trainer can thoroughly assess your movement patterns and fitness level before joining a group class. The session also gives you an idea of ​​the training style and expertise of the trainer. You can do numerous workouts with different instructors who offer fusion workouts, high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, barre, yoga, pilates, dance, etc.

In my group courses I always combine cardio, core and strength training with light to medium weights and other training equipment such as bands and balls. Fusion workouts with functional movement patterns have always been my training style with clients. I prefer exercise movements that can target multiple muscle groups for efficient calorie burning and body sculpting effects. My clients participate in my functional training fusion workouts because they want to get mostly core, cardio, and strength in a single workout.

Choose other workouts that can balance out your current workout routines.

If you’re used to lifting heavier weights in your strength training, explore cardio workouts like indoor cycling, dance, boxing, and mind and body classes like Pilates, yoga, and meditation.

Set up your training environment

Choose an exercise room in your home with fewer distractions. Create enough space for lunges, squats, pushups, and floor exercises. Invest in various exercise equipment and props that can motivate you to make progress and get more exercise.

Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection at home for a great workout experience. Download the Zoom app and get familiar with it. Prepare your fitness equipment like laptops, iPads, phones, bluetooth headphones or speakers to get the most out of your workouts.

Bodyweight exercises like yoga, Pilates, dance, and some HIIT workouts don’t require exercise equipment. But the most basic exercise tool you can have at home is your exercise mat, a pair of 2 to 5 pound light dumbbells, and a rubber band.

Track your progress and stick with your workouts

To maintain an active lifestyle, it is best to monitor your exercise and exercise progress. You can use a fitness wearable to keep track of your exercises, heart rate, and calories burned. Your fitness improvements will inspire you to stick with your exercise habit. An above-average average heart rate during regular fitness training can prompt you to allow yourself some time to rest and relax.


Here are some inspiring stories and tips I got from some of my clients who regularly take my Zoom courses.


Tanya Moreno-Dela Paz

Tanya started her zoom workouts at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. It combines our zoom workouts with indoor cycling and treadmill workouts.

“I’ve been a friend and customer of Mitch for nearly 10 years. Before the pandemic, we saw each other three to four times a week, and I’m grateful that we can get on with our routine thanks to Zoom. Though I miss seeing her face to face, the Zoom workouts have helped me stay on top of things and I admire the way she keeps reinventing herself. In fact, the workouts just got tougher and I feel like it is stronger than ever.

I gave birth to my third son six months before the pandemic, so my body was in postpartum shape when we went into lockdown. The zoom workouts definitely got my old figure back, and today I havem back to my original size. The workouts also help me exercise mindfully and reduce stress. I am happy to see my friends in class and I feel happy to be part of this community. “

Tanya’s Zoom Training Tips

“Use the right device – it makes a huge difference if you use a phone, iPad, or laptop. I like to use a laptop as I can easily change the camera angle when I move on to floor exercises.

I also suggest keeping the view Loudspeaker View “to avoid that distracted by seeing the other participants.

A good internet connection is also crucial during a zoom workout, as it will ruin your groove if you keep getting disconnected. “

MARGA CUNANAN-KWOK, 44, owner, Cunanan Ensaymada

Marga Cunanan-Kwok

Marga started taking the Zoom courses in June 2019. She started indoor cycling even before our Zoom workouts. Her main motivation at the time was wanting to go up the stairs without puffing and puffing. After a few months, she became fitter and healthier. She got her asthma under control and lost weight (a bonus).

Marga’s Zoom Training Tips

“I motivate myself by wanting to wear increasingly beautiful clothes such as dresses, tank tops, spaghetti straps and bikinis!

Give everything as if youagain in a live class. I always use the gallery view so I can see how I’m doing with my training mates.

Training with friends. I train with good friends, I have so much fun. I look forward to every training session. “

TIM YAP, host and eventologist

Make a team

“Zoom workout has been my addiction since March 2021. I saw my friend Giselle Yujuico, who looked so well-trained, and asked about her secret. So she invited me to Mitch’s class, and I’ve loved it ever since.

“I had high blood pressure at the time, was just having a dizzy spell, and was going through the worst phase of my physical life. I told myself that I cannot be with an unfit person who is not living a healthy life. To be in Mitch’s Zoom classes, to make a commitment to wake up and come to class every day – showing up is half the battle. “

“And after a few months when I checked, my high blood pressure is gone, my dizziness is nowhere to be found, and I’m the happiest, fittest and healthiest. It really starts with a small step where you appear for a zoom workout session that you will thank you for (even if your mind: the body told you not to) and then after the hour of sweating , burning calories and trying your best to be your better version. You will realize that you have to because you want to be better, happier, and healthier. Join in and enjoy the ride. “

Tim’s training tips

“To maximize training, trust the process. Then trust yourself and your teacher because you know they want to get the best out of you. Ride out the energy and let it take you to a place where you can make the most of you, even if it isn’t that easy. Just learn to enjoy it and enjoy the combined efforts of your trainer and the inner voice that wants to make you your better self. But show up first! “

ROSANNA OCAMPO-RODRIGUEZ, 40, fashion designer and President of Rosanna Ocampo Inc.

Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Rosanna started taking Zoom classes last year but has been more consistent since March 2021. She maintained her weight but achieved a significant improvement in the definition of her arms and legs. Some days she does other online HIIT workouts on her own.

Rosanna’s training tips

“I really do believe itIt’s important to find something you like; otherwise, attending the courses will feel like a chore. I love the energy and music in Mitchs classes, and the routines are never monotonous. theres always something new and expect things to change all the time. I love the integration of Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and Cardio in one course.

Consistency is key and of course a balanced lifestyle and a clean diet. Results come when you show yourself. “

MARITONI RUFINO-TORDESILLAS, 52, director, Danspace Ballet

Maritoni Rufino Tordesillas

“II’ve been taking Zoom workout classes with Mitch since January 2021. Before that, it was difficult for me to maintain my weight and general health and wellbeing due to the pandemic. I’ve never taken any cardio classes so this was new to me. I enjoyed the class and I feel good; I feel stronger and slimmer – no more lockdown body! “

Maritonis training tips

“Take the time, commit to it. It is actually low maintenance as all you need is light props or body weight, a yoga mat, and a stable internet connection. Iwas on vacation and since then has even been able to attend her classesis already part of my weekly routine. “

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