How Angela’s Showcasing Her Drastic Weight Loss In 2021

90-Day Fiancé star Angela Deem is showing off her leaner body this year after opting for weight loss surgery during season 6 of Happily Ever After.

Long time 90 days fiance Star Angela Deem spent her 2021 showing off what she looks like after her massive weight loss by posting several hot pictures. Michael Ilesanmi’s wife documented her journey of transformation on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6, in which she had to undergo five procedures in August 2020. She received a breast reduction, liposuction, sleeve stomach, and more. After Angela’s collapse in Tell All, her relationship status with Michael is complicated. Since Angie has openly demanded “good attention” from other men, her Instagram is making the rounds.

During Angela’s last trip to Nigeria for her wedding to Michael in January 2020, she noticed that she was only gaining weight. While 90-day fiancé actress Angela’s grandchildren blamed her love for sweets, Angela couldn’t explain the reason for her 20-25 pound weight gain. Angela, who is rarely seen without a cigarette dangling between her fingers, felt that the extra weight was causing health problems. For example, she would run out of breath while shopping. Angela claimed she did the weight loss to look younger for Michael and live longer for her family. However, the trial involved her flirting with doctors and beating the Nigerian Michael. This behavior brought their flak to the fans.

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When Angela Deem claimed that Michael was at the party while she was recovering from her many surgeries, she was blamed for her double standards and for hanging out with Dr. Michael K. Obeng dragged. The dispute over the 90-day fiancé reunion episode revolved around trust issues and babies until Angela accused Michael of unsupporting her surgery or of not standing up for her during her fight with Aunt Lydia. Angela told Michael that she would live her life on her own terms and cross the Visa Bridge if they did. Meanwhile, Angela has been spotted making new friends and participating in various bashes on Instagram while showing off her current look at size 11 in multiple stories and selfies.

Angela officially reveals her 90 pound weight loss

It was in March when Angela shocked the TLC fan base with a glamorous photo shoot that showed her weight loss. “Meet the new Angela” was the Us Weekly article, in which she quoted that the transformation was “a total change in lifestyle.” In the photos, the 90-day-fiancé actress Angela wore her hair down and the “after” photos showed her in an iconic red outfit and a jeans and elegant top combination with shiny black heels. “I’m delighted to be able to show you all these great pictures of myself,” wrote Angela in her caption, which asked the star of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Ariela Weinberg, “Now that you’re probably all excited about clothes buy when we go shopping? “

Angela performs a dance fight with “Oko Mi” Michael

In an April post by Angela, re-shared from her TikTok page, she showed off her dance moves with her husband Michael. In a blue maxi dress, Angela grooved in a side-by-side video with Michael to the beat of “Funky Cold Medina”. Fans enjoyed the post seeing Angela’s new confidence as she flaunted her fit figure. Many fans found it impressive to see Michael and Angela keep the spark alive in their long-distance relationship with dance.

Angela called out for Schilling Weight Loss Gums

The controversial 90DF regular Angela often gets a lot of criticism in her Instagram comments. These days Angela is being heavily ridiculed for treating Michael during Tell All. Fans have shared that they are ashamed of him. However, Angela, trying not to be impressed by the negativity, tried instead to divert attention with a new weight loss update. While wearing a fashionable sports bra and leggings and her hair pinned up in her signature blonde ponytail, Angela advertised a couple of gummy bears for the flat stomach. the 90 days fiance Star Angela has faced many complaints from her followers who blamed her for participating in “false advertising” knowing that her weight loss results were achieved by going under the knife. Angela’s weight loss is amazing, but there is a downside.

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