Home Gyms designed to perfectly complement your IKEA furniture + help you become your fittest version!

The pandemic has kept most of us back to our homes, and not that we needed any more excuses to leave the gym, but now we have a legitimate one – it’s literally a virus floating around! But ignoring our health and fitness is something we just can no longer afford. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that health is truly wealth. And as much as I love to hesitate and postpone any form of exercise for as long as possible, I can’t deny that health must be a top priority for all of us. And if we can’t go to the gym, we can bring the gym to us! Not only will this collection of home gyms keep you motivated and stimulated to exercise, but it will also ensure that you stick to your daily workout routine. No more skipping leg days!

Oliver Perretta’s stamina was inspired by a piece of furniture that actually resembles a normal training bench, the BEKANT series from IKEA. Both IKEA’s BEKANT and Perretta’s physical condition have similar personalities. They appear as modest, simple furniture designs whose true essence is expressed in the fact that they fit into any room. First an inconspicuous side bench or a low table during the living room hours and then an adjustable home workout with a sliding bench in the gym. Perretta was sure to make bullnose corners for the fitness training station to improve both the piece’s adaptability and its accessibility in its inherent baby-safe design. Additionally, Perretta plans to use aluminum extrusion in every possible construction process to ensure a high strength-to-weight ratio for more intense workouts. Die-cut panels also make for easy and thorough cleaning, so work never feels stressful after a good sweat.

Peloton Vibe caters to every sense and muscle from start to finish, it’s really a whole atmosphere. The bench has a unique multi-position arm that can be moved to work on a variety of exercises. The lower part contains a range of dumbbells that can be expanded into a wider range of guided workouts through the Peloton app service. After the workout, the seat and arm surface are seamlessly transformed into a massage experience. It uses built-in massage balls that can rotate and warm up based on your preferences. Fitness equipment for at home AND spa for at home? I would just exercise more often to get the most out of the heated massage function.

The ARENA creates a training system that can be used for over 300 types of movement and in combination with multiple styles, from strength training to cardio, HIIT, athletic training, conditioning, weight loss and even recovery. ARENA gives you a physical platform to train on while a high performance motorized cable runs in it, giving you the ability to simulate a variety of exercises. The cable is controlled by algorithms within the ARENA that simulate any strength curve and can dynamically adapt to the user’s movement speed in order to help you achieve your desired training result (muscle building, weight loss …).

A simple web search can lead you to a wide variety of foldable and space-saving exercise bikes, but if you do your research you will find that there aren’t any that offer professional quality workout at home that folds to the size of a tote-on bag, if you can are done! This is where the Breakaway Bike comes in with its immensely compact size. Made from aerospace grade aluminum, the bike measures 16 x 23 x 8 inches when packed and weighs only 35 pounds. The bike boasts of being the world’s first exercise bike that conveniently folds up so you can keep it in a closet at home or under a table in the office until it’s time to pump! Get a full-size workout, lock the store in seconds and hide it under the bed – it’s that simple. Interestingly, you can also stow the Breakaway Bike in the trunk of your car or stow it in the overhead bin so you can take it with you anywhere!

While fitness equipment may look right at home in … well, a gym, it clashes with the decor of most home environments. Since we certainly don’t need another excuse not to exercise, it’s time we had a more desirable alternative to all the clunky machines! The solution is FUORIPISTA, a fitness device that is undoubtedly an aesthetically pleasing object and at the same time meets our functional requirements. The transparent legs from FUORIPISTA achieve a visually light design so that it can be placed inconspicuously in the room. These legs were combined with a wooden body that forms the frame of the bike; treating the design in such a way that it complements the existing furniture in the room rather than attracting attention and creating disharmony.

The XBody Actiwave introduces an electrifying new way to improve your workout … literally! The brand new technology consists of a wearable suit with sensors and nodes that work with a personal training system. The system simultaneously gives instructions, tracks your fitness, suggests improvements and gives your muscles a boost! It uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to increase the efficiency of training. “Our job was to give shape to the new wireless system for Actiwave. The wireless system consists of the Actiwear control and the Fitbelt tether. The main control unit allows you to move freely while the Fitbelt holds it to you during your workout, ”designer told YD.

Developed from a collaboration between personal trainers and product designers, AIIR was developed to reduce joint stress and promote healthy posture. AIIR Flow is the smaller of the two training sets and comes with two robust push-up bars made of carbon steel, so that you can do arm and chest training anywhere. The push-up bars come with spring-loaded, foldable supports that detach from either end of each handle and fold into them for ultimate mobility. The push-up bars shrink to the size of a water bottle and can hold up to 300 pounds in use. Each handle has been ergonomically designed and promotes a healthy posture through a slightly inclined and raised body.

The STRAFFR is designed to provide a complete workout in a portable format. It’s a resistance training band that you can use to exercise all parts of your body, mimicking the gym workouts … but it’s more than just a replacement for the gym equipment. The STRAFFR is, in the truest sense of the word, a sensor in itself that constantly provides you with training data via your phone and gives you the feedback of a personal trainer at home. With just one band and one app, STRAFFR aims to give you the opportunity to do a full workout in the comfort of your home or even in a hotel (when you are traveling). The app includes a variety of exercises that are tweaked based on your performance to create a training plan unique to you, while the band itself is all you really need. The elastic band is based on the idea of ​​resistance training and communicates with the app as you stretch it and tells your phone how you are doing. The band comes with a variety of markings that allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout by simply tightening your grip.

Meet the Brazyn Life FLiPBENCH – a versatile fold-out wall bench that is ideal for all types of apartments, large and small, and even for your studio or garage. When closed, compact and aesthetically designed, the FLiPBENCH sits flat on your wall until you have to exercise. When it’s time to workout, the bench opens instantly creating a dedicated workout area in your home without ruining your home decor or eating into the floor space of your home … and best of all? You have the option of adding a colored back wall to match your wall so that it fits right into your home.

Since physical fitness has become an indispensable part of our everyday life, Stoyka aims at a balanced use of living spaces as fitness studios. To find this harmony, the Stoyka designers have integrated a storage system into the power rack that slides out from behind the rear wall of the power rack. These sliding racks offer enough space to store the dumbbells of the power rack, round weight plates and rack accessories such as support beams and spotter arms. With its interchangeable design, the Stoyka fits seamlessly into any living or office space by simply sliding the hidden storage panels behind the rear wall of the power rack. Equipped with the means for strength HIIT training and balance and flexibility exercises, Stoyka is supplied complete with reinforced frames, hooks, safety stops, cross bars and removable wall bars.

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