Get in Shape for Women offers small group personal training programs

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Get in Shape for Women offers tailor-made training programs based on a four-pronged approach.

WESTBOROUGH – A personal training studio owned by sisters Jody Chaffee and Toni King that focuses on providing a space Per Women can be the best way for women to get in shape.

“For our customers and for so many women who believe they work out in a traditional gym, it’s definitely nice to be just women,” Chaffee said in a recent interview.

Get in Shape for Women takes a four-pronged approach

This personal training studio does things differently.

Get in Shape for Women is a franchise company. They offer appointment-based personal training in small groups. The goal is to empower women through body transformation, says Chaffee.

“Every customer has a health and fitness goal and [an] Appointments three days a week via a smartphone app, ”explains Chaffee. “Our fitness model is based on a four-pronged approach that includes cardio, strength training, nutrition and responsibility.”

Programs can do more than just lose pounds

Healthy and sustainable weight loss is simply not possible without more exercise, notes Chaffee.

Chaffee, King and their coaching team Andrea Longo and Jamie Normandeau know this.

“To be successful at losing weight, it’s important that all of the above components are in place,” says Chaffee. “Our sessions are thirty minutes High intensity interval Cardio training and thirty minutes of weight training and flexibility. In addition to an hour of strength training and cardio, we offer weekly weighing for anyone whose goal is weight loss as well as Personal advice.”

Andrea Longo and Jamie Normandeau are personal trainers at Get in Shape for Women in Westborough. Andrea Longo has worked at the Westborough Studio for Women in Form for 8 years and Jamie Normandeau has been with us for 5 years. Co-owner Toni King says one of our keys to success was having consistent personal trainers.

Get in Shape for Women studios offer multiple meal plans tailored to each client that focus on five to six meals a day and plenty of water.

“Our program includes in-session support to coach you on effective and accepted nutritional principles, making sure you know your numbers and have a plan to help you achieve your desired results,” one reads Message on the gym website.

“By setting planned workouts and doing weekly weight and monthly body fat analyzes, we can see changes in your body composition (lean muscles and bones versus fat) and a sense of your hydration levels over time,” the website continues.

The cardio training in these gyms is based on High Intensity Interval Training, an improved form of interval training that alternates between short, intense, anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery phases.

The studio has six cardio machines, including two treadmills, two elliptical trainers, a rowing machine and an Airdyne bike.

Fitness studio offers a variety of exercise options

Chaffee says the key to gaining fitness is challenging the body in a variety of ways.

In addition to traditional equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, an aerodynamic bike, and weight training equipment, Get in Shape for Women offers TRX full-body resistance training equipment. This suspension exercise system builds strength and endurance that can be adapted to everyone, regardless of their physical fitness.

With TRX devices, an individual supports and keeps his own muscles stable.

This type of equipment is very shock-resistant, which means that it prevents injuries while at the same time avoiding the aggravation of existing injuries.

TRX follows the philosophy of the Get in Shape for Women training team that while using the equipment a person can increase or decrease resistance by changing their body position. This means that a person is in control of how much they want to challenge themselves.

Get in Shape for Women values ​​”fitness family”

No training program will work for long if it either overwhelms a participant or makes them feel like they cannot challenge themselves.

At Get in Shape for Women, the employees want to support women in staying in shape over the long term.

In fact, according to Chaffee, one of their first clients has worked with them in thirteen years.

“For us, our members are our fitness family,” says Chaffee. “Personal training is about building relationships that help our customers feel more secure, comfortable, and motivated to achieve their fitness goals.”

Get in Shape for Women is located at 45 East Main St., Unit 10 in Westborough.

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