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If the cost and culture of a traditional gym is holding you back from a regular fitness regimen, the TUT Tower Trainer may be the one for you to get started.

Even if you are an anti-fitness membership, shopping for a home gym can conjure up your own collection of Fear and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Prices can skyrocket well over $ 1,000, interior decorating takes hours, and the finished product can take up an entire space of its own.

TUT Fitness takes each of these hurdles in the development of the Tower Trainer – a space-saving home training system that can be set up in minutes and costs less than $ 800. If you’re on a budget, limited space, or just not into clinking irons, this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. We tried one to see for ourselves.

In summary: The TUT Tower Trainer reduces costs, hassle and space in one fell swoop by replacing conventional weights with a series of resistance bands. These color-coded tapes offer different levels of resistance and are easy to add, remove, and change.

They also require almost no space for storage, which adds to the simplicity of the already slim tower system. If you have a doorway, you can easily assemble and disassemble the TUT Tower Trainer. Overall, it’s a solid option for beginning muscle builders looking to get into a regular fitness routine.

TUT Tower Trainer: First Look Review

TUT Tower Trainer

  • Costs: $ 795
  • Weight: 11.6 pounds.
  • Contains: Curl bar, ankle strap (x2), single handles (x2), 150 lbs. of resistance bands (6 x 20 lbs., 2 x 10 lbs., 2 x 5 lbs.)
  • Installed options: Wall brackets (included), door clips (sold separately)

To install

The main caveat about the TUT Tower Trainer is that it has more value for those whose fitness and strength training goals are less intense and more lifestyle-oriented than for those who want to build really big muscles. But pumping iron still comes first.

We received a sample TUT tower trainer and – to be honest – postponed the setup. The assumption was that it would take at least an afternoon of unpacking and a healthy dose of pinching and swearing. But one of TUT’s main selling points was its ease of installation – a claim that was borne out.

There are two options for installation – mounting in wall studs or clamps on a door opening. For our test, we used the door clips that TUT sells separately. If ease is your most important requirement, we strongly recommend this installation.

Two clamps clamp your doorway, one high and one low, and the entire tower system slides right on it. Presto!

The tower itself consists of two parts that are screwed together with a few screws. All that remains is to attach the “Power Bar”, which serves as the primary lifting mechanism. This can also be quickly installed with a single screw.

Resistance bands

TUT trainer plates resistance bandsEverything included in the scope of delivery of the TUT tower; (Photo / TUT trainer)

The other main selling point of TUT is the colorful selection of resistance bands. These replace traditional plates and help make the home gym feel better. The bands offer 5, 10, or 20 pounds of resistance.

Each of these “panels” has collapsible clips at both ends. So if you want 30 pounds of resistance you can snap a 10 pound plate onto either side of the trainer and then snap a 5 pound plate onto each of the 10 pound plates.


For reference, TUT refers to “Time Under Tension”, the time the muscle is held in resistance or under load during a workout. TUT workouts are designed to increase the amount of time you tense up to force your muscles to work harder.

Not only does it create good tension with minimal weight, but the movements tend to be slower. This makes it a great option for those who are not used to speeding up work and for people who are uncomfortable with heavy weights.

The TUT tower design has three training stations – one below, one above and one in the middle. You can also adjust the height of the middle station to suit different training sessions and user sizes.

Each of these stations use a carabiner to attach a cable that pulls the resistance bands to a harness or pole.

The Power Bar (sold separately) allows users to perform seated or kneeling military presses, upright rows, and lying bench presses on an exercise ball or bench.

With the supplied straight bar, you can perform standing biceps curls, lat pulldowns, standard rows, lifts and triceps extensions.

The ankle straps allow you to do a variety of leg raises to strengthen your hips and buttocks.

These are just a few of the workout options – be free to get creative or take advantage of the choices Video tutorials on the TUT website.

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TUT Tower Trainer: For who it is

While the TUT Tower is easy to use and, dare we say, fun, it probably isn’t the choice for everyone used to training with traditional weights – especially those who are heavy weights (50-100 pounds and more) lift.

TUT even points out the tower’s target markets on its website: “You can use it at home every day to fight aging, get fit and help you get back from sports injuries.”

And we see a real benefit for both older users and those rehabilitating – for each of these segments, workouts are likely simple, repetitive, and easiest at home.

Even beginners can enjoy the simplicity and variety of the TUT Tower’s accessories to put together a personal fitness program. The brand offers one accompanying app to monitor performance and offer training ideas and routines.

It also has more hardware to expand the tower. This includes a rowing system and a diverse accessories to expand the training options.

You can the TUT tower for $ 795 alone that TUT bike for $ 595 or buy the Combination with everything above for $ 1,195.

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