From North Korea: A Warning on Speculation About Kim Jong-un’s Health 

At the beginning of the summer a strange story emerged from North Korea: many observers from that country began to notice that leader Kim Jong-un had lost weight noticeably.

There were a number of stories about it in early June, with North Korea experts weighing that Kim’s slimmer figure could strengthen his position if it meant he was in improved health but could hurt him if the weight loss was attributed in some way was sick. The weight loss also coincided with reports of famine in North Korea, which the regime has not exactly denied.

Now the regime has warned North Koreans not to speculate about Kim’s weight.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), quoting sources in the country, the regime has warned citizens not to speculate about the leader’s weight as it is viewed by the regime as a “reactionary act”.

The government over the past few months has indicated that Kim is healthy and that his weight loss “shows that he is suffering along with his people who are grappling with chronic food insecurity made worse by the effects of an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

“When stories of health problems related to the weight loss of the Supreme Dignity began to spread among residents, many of the neighborhood guards here in Chongjin made official statements at their weekly meeting, admitting that it was a ‘reactionary act’ speak of the leader’s health, ”a North Korean resident told RFA this week.

“The neighborhood guards also said the sudden weight loss was not due to a health problem, but that it is suffering in the best interests of the country and the people in crisis alone.”

The source also noted that so far the regime has provided little information about weight loss.

“This is the first time that the authorities have felt the need to officially declare through neighborhood guards in each region that the Supreme Dignity has no health problems,” the person told RFA.

Another source told RFA similar things.

“Although Sariwon did not call an emergency meeting of residents to reassure them that the Supreme Dignity is healthy, he warned people at the neighborhood guard meetings not to mention his health,” the North Hwanghae provincial source told the publication.

“They stressed that it is forbidden to share stories about the health of the leader, whom they said was emaciated due to the piling up of national affairs. But the public suspicion that he has health problems has not subsided. ”

RFA also released an editorial cartoon showing a young, shirtless, malnourished boy crying while imagining a piece of chicken while Kim stands next to him, holding oversized pants while wearing a sash that says “Success at.” Lose weight “stands.

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Image: Reuters

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