Finding the Balance Between Health, Fitness & Work as a Zagreb Digital Nomad

August 29, 2021 – Rudi Witkowsky’s time as the second Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador is drawing to a close. The South African is thinking of the Croatian capital as a fitness destination for digital nomads.

In Rudy’s own words …

I worked remotely in Zagreb online as a business consultancy and online fitness professional.

After a long day of working on client projects and providing / filming online workouts, I also need a break from work and sought my own personal therapy by finding different places to work out and healthy restaurants to eat.


Orlando Fit

I signed up with Orlando for around 380 kunas per month and 50 kunas one time for the membership fee. I was super impressed with the facilities and service in Orlando. It was more of a luxury training facility. It consisted of a sauna, a functional and yoga fitness area, a boxing ring, a Pilates studio, a crossfit arena and state-of-the-art fitness equipment, as well as a fully loaded strength and cardio area. Not to mention excellent Wi-Fi.

The quality of the machines was excellent and each machine consisted of a disinfectant solution for your use. Everyone was fit and took their health seriously. It’s right next to the Canopy Hilton Hotel, so there was no need to break a sweat while working from the co-work space.

The fitness room has shower and drying facilities as well as changing rooms.


After your workout, you can always grab a protein shake or coffee on the go, where you can choose a single serving with many different flavors. They also have vegan options.

They have 3 desks that I have worked on a couple of times.

Truly a gym that is of world class standard. I loved it and had everything you need and more.

Adidas gym in Zagreb:


A boutique gym in the heart of Zagreb. The gym is located above the adidas clothing store. It offers personal training, pilates, spinning and many functional group training courses such as abdominal muscle training, full body pump. If you love group training this is definitely for you. The facility is all white and black, with amazing natural light and energetic sneakers that are guaranteed to make you sweat. I was honored to lead a spinning class at the facility and the sound quality and energy in the room is amazing.

They also have a book room and an area for your kids to play in. The book room area and exercise facility are the perfect combination for keeping your sanity in good shape.

It is a very relaxed training facility and offers individual coaching if required.


The facility consists of weights, resistance bands, T-Rex bands, Bosu balls, yoga mats and spinning bikes. I would definitely recommend this workout facility if you enjoy socializing at the gym and the idea of ​​group training. The facility is located near the BIZKoshnika co-working space and is perfect for a quick welding session.

Jarun lake

I loved the Jarun lake. It’s perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s perfect for breaking away from city life and exercising in nature. Jarun consists of a hiking, running and cycling route around a lake. It’s a 6km loop and perfect if you prefer to run, bike, or just take a nice walk.


Other options include roller skating and skating. That looked like a lot of fun.

If you’re more of a water baby, you can swim or canoe from side to side in the lake.

Other sports in the Jarun include beach volleyball, beach handball and soccer.

After a quality workout, you can have lunch or a good coffee in one of the many nearby cafes.

I loved Jarun and personally walked around the lake.

Green parks

Inside the city you can find a lot of green parks – it’s amazing as it is in the middle of the city and it feels like a different world. It’s great to relax and take a break from the concrete jungle. I would train in the park.


No equipment is required. Just take 20 minutes to do some bodyweight workout in the park:


Squats – 1 minute

Bear crawl – 1 minute

Jumping jacks – 1 minute

Pushups – 1 minute

Abdominal muscles – 1 minute

Repeat the above sentence 4 times. Rest 1 minute of your 1 lap of 10 minutes.

Explore Zagreb:

Another option is to explore beautiful Zagreb and walk around the city. I did this and it was the perfect way to see the city. Or you can walk a few laps around the horseshoe, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Indoor and outdoor pools:

Zagreb also has plenty of indoor and outdoor pools if you love the water and swimming. Personally, I never had the time to try this out, but if I had more time I definitely would. Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do with minimal impact on your joints and body. Perfect when you have an injury or just want to prevent injury.


Healthy restaurants:

Dolac farmers market:

This was one of my favorites: this organic farmers market in the center of town has all of your fresh vegetables and fruits. It was one of my personal favorites as I often took fresh vegetables with me to cook with. This is a local market and consists of freshly picked organic produce. The market closes at 3pm so make sure you get your fresh goods ahead of time.

I loved the fresh berries and was ideal for snacking on the go in summer. The market is cheap.

You can also find fresh and high quality cold cuts of various types of meat and cheese.

Roots Café:

Zagreb has a couple of healthy restaurants to choose from. Personally, I loved Roots Café which has lots of healthy green smoothies and smoothie bowls. They are more vegan oriented which is amazing to see. They even go so far as to offer noodle straws (biodegradable straws) and high quality protein smoothies. I loved the perfect purple bowl and the green tropical smoothie.

Melt brunch bar

Another place I loved that has healthy meals is Melt. They offer many vegan and healthy alternatives with a trendy vibe. Great place to grab a healthy smoothie and get some work done.

Enjoy your meal:

I spent a lot of time at Good Food. They have plenty of healthy salad bowls to choose from with fresh ingredients. You also have the option to choose your own ingredients and make your own fresh salad. Absolutely excited for a quick healthy post workout meal.

Healthy business:

Bio & bio is an amazing healthy store where you can find all natural vegan options, vitamins, and healthy snacks to take on the go. It’s the perfect wellness shop that will meet all of your health needs.

Studenac market: Few shops offered freshly squeezed orange juice, which was great and perfect refreshment on a hot summer day.

More and more people in Zagreb have been focusing on their health and wellbeing since the pandemic and it is amazing to see that. More and more restaurants are offering healthy alternatives and there are more and more sports opportunities. As a digital nomad you shouldn’t stay fit and healthy in Zagreb, even if the smell of the bakeries can lure you in the wrong direction. Wink * wink * I got surprised a couple of times lol.

I was impressed to see that there is a Herbalife Nutrition store in Zagreb for all of your nutritional supplements. I am a Herbalife dealer and have been impressed with the business.

Hope you found this article useful. If you are not sure which home workouts to do and you don’t have any equipment, you can sign up for my online bodyweight training at home through my app (pre-recorded and live). Just $ 10 per month for unlimited access with the first 7 days free.

Further news and features about digital nomads in Croatia can be found in the special TCN area.

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