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Exercise bikes have become increasingly popular because of the convenience, motivation, and variety of workouts offered.

There are a large number of exercise bikes on the market that differ in terms of features and price.

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive options like the Peloton bike, you might consider the Echelon Connect EX-3.

The Echelon Connect EX-3 bike is the simplest and cheapest model in the Echelon Connect product line.

While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of high-end bikes, the EX-3 offers access to on-demand and live classes with your tablet or smartphone.

However, since it isn’t cheap, you might be wondering if the EX-3 is worth investing in.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Echelon Connect EX-3 bike so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Echelon Fitness is a company known for making gym quality fitness equipment and accessories at reasonable prices.

In addition to exercise bikes, Echelon makes treadmills, fitness mirrors and rowing machines.

Echelon currently offers a range of Connect bikes that include the following models:

The Connect is the cheapest and easiest option as it has a tablet holder instead of a touchscreen for streaming classes.

As with the other Echelon models, the EX-3 is compatible with the Echelon Fit app, which offers a wide range of live and on-demand workouts suitable for all fitness levels.

In addition to cycling, other types of classes also include cardio, yoga, and strength training.

The Echelon Connect EX-3 is available in red, black or white and has a slim, compact design, which is ideal when you are limited in space.

The bike is also equipped with transport wheels so that it can be easily moved out of the way or to another area of ​​your home.

To withstand high-intensity workouts, the Connect EX-3 has a sturdy steel frame and a 15 kg flywheel, which ensures a smooth, quiet ride with plenty of momentum.

The Connect EX-3 is equipped with double-sided aluminum pedals that contain SPD clips on one side and adjustable toe cages on the other.

In addition, with 32 levels of magnetic resistance, the bike makes it easy to vary the intensity of your ride.

To adjust the resistance level, step on the pedals to activate the bike’s tensioning system. Then slowly turn the adjustment knob clockwise to increase the resistance.

Other notable features include a 15 cm (6 inch) padded competition seat, a slim design for full freedom of movement and a 4-way adjustable handlebar.

Echelon also offers a larger saddle that can be purchased separately.

The Echelon EX-3 is easy to assemble and only requires one person, although you may need someone to help you carry the box.

Note that while the EX-3 is suitable for users between 4’11 “(150 cm) and 6’4” (193 cm), Echelon recently reported that anyone between 4 “could comfortably use the bike ‘5 “(135 cm) and 6’8” (203 cm).

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, we recommend that you try the bike out personally if your height is outside the starting range.

One of the main disadvantages of the EX-3 is that it does not contain a touch screen.

Instead, the bike is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a tablet holder to access the Echelon Fit app on your own device.

The integrated tablet holder can also be rotated so that you can easily bring your training from the bike to the mat. There’s also a USB port to keep your device charged.

Keep in mind that if your tablet doesn’t have enough volume, you’ll need bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers because the bike doesn’t come with built-in speakers.

For a larger screen, it is also possible to stream the app from your computer or a Bluetooth-enabled smart TV.

Echelon Fit app

The Echelon Fit app gives you access to thousands of live and on-demand workouts that are updated daily.

Class options include:

  • turn
  • persistence
  • Cardio
  • Rockclimbing
  • virtual tours
  • Strength training
  • Boxing
  • yoga
  • HIIT
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • meditation
  • stretch
  • pole

During the class, you can view your performance metrics on the display, including your speed, resistance level, and calories burned.

You can also use the optional leaderboard to measure your progress, view your performance rankings, and compete against other users.

According to customer reviews, the Echelon app is relatively easy to use, although there are occasional connectivity issues.

In addition, some users complain that the app is overpriced and difficult to navigate.

Nevertheless, customers are overall satisfied with the variety of courses and find the workouts motivating.

Here is a breakdown of the cost included when purchasing the Echelon EX-3 bike:

  • Echelon EX-3 bike: $ 799.99
  • Shipping costs (within the continental United States): $ 99.99 with Echelon United monthly membership; free with 1 or 2 year Echelon United membership
  • Shipping Details: Orders are usually dispatched within 48 hours of purchase and arrive within 1 week
  • Financing options: 12-, 24-, and 48-month payment plans for qualified buyers
  • Echelon United Membership: $ 39.99 per month, $ 399.99 for 1 year ($ 33.33 per month), or $ 699.99 for 2 years ($ 29.17 per month)

The Echelon Fit app requires an Echelon United membership, which allows up to five users to access the full collection of live and on-demand workouts.

Echelon United membership applies to all Echelon devices.

So if you already own an Echelon treadmill, rowing machine or fitness mirror, no further membership is required.

If the EX-3 bike is your first Echelon purchase, you’ll need to pay for the first month of your Echelon United membership, which is $ 39.99.

You can also choose a 1- or 2-year membership plan that cuts monthly costs and covers shipping.

After all, Echelon not only offers monthly payment plans, but also allows you to use Split – an interest-free payment plan for holders of Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Guarantee and return

The Connect EX-3 bike comes with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty.

A one-year extended warranty is also available for $ 79, and a three-year extended warranty is available for $ 199.

Echelon’s return policy only applies to devices purchased on the company’s website.

In order to initiate the return process, you must submit a return request within 90 days of delivery. Once your request is approved, Echelon will send you a prepaid shipping label.

Please note, however, that you will not be reimbursed for any shipping or delivery costs that you were charged when you purchased the bike.

Additionally, any returns requested within 30 days of delivery will be charged a restocking fee of $ 100, and any returns requested after 30 days – but before 90 days – will be subject to a restocking fee of $ 100 plus a return shipping fee of 100 USD.

If you are looking for a smart exercise bike, you have probably considered the Peloton Bike +.

The Echelon EX-3 does well with both Peloton and MYX II – another cheaper Peloton alternative.

Peloton bike +

The Peloton Bike + is known for being easy to use and super comfortable.

In addition, its solid, heavy frame offers a lot of stability during intensive training sessions and at the same time offers an almost noiseless ride.

The Peloton Bike + also offers a wide range of live and on-demand studio-style workouts, as well as an auto-follow function that automatically adjusts your resistance levels to match those of your trainer.

According to reviews, customers are much happier with the Peloton app than with the Echelon Fit app.

However, since the Peloton Bike + is about three times the price of the EX-3, it may not be an option for all budgets.

It’s also slightly larger than the EX-3, which is worth considering if you’re limited on space.

However, if you can afford it and want to use the app along with your workout, the Peloton Bike + is the best overall option.


The stationary bike MYX II is characterized by its affordability, the comfortable ergonomic design and the adjustable seat and handlebars.

The bike connects to the MYXfitness app, which offers a wide range of bike classes and guided workout options, including barre, yoga and meditation.

MYX doesn’t offer live classes, but the company adds new content every week, making for a lot of variety.

The Echelon EX-3 is about $ 600 cheaper than the MYX II, which makes the Ex-3 a cheaper option. It is also about 15 cm shorter than the MYX, which makes it more compact.

Thanks to its heavy, 18.6 kg flywheel, however, the MYX takes the cake for intense workouts.

The MYX II does not offer live courses, but is equipped with a 22-inch (55 cm) display.

If price or live classes are your top priority, the EX-3 is your best bet. However, the MYX II is a better option if you’re looking for a built-in touchscreen and a heavier flywheel.

Overall, the online reviews for the Echelon Connect EX-3 are positive.

Customers report that they are satisfied with the quality, ruggedness and affordability of the bike.

Reviewers also point out that the bike is easy to assemble and use, and the app offers a lot of variety.

In addition, unlike many other smart bikes, customers appreciate the fact that they can use the bike regardless of whether or not they continue their Echelon United membership.

Of course, no product is perfect.

Most of the complaints are related to the Echelon Fit app, including connection issues, a clunky user interface, and limited music options.

Some reviewers have had negative experiences with Echelon’s customer service as well.

The Echelon Connect EX-3 bike offers a balanced, varied and challenging workout, regardless of your fitness level.

In addition, the bike has a sturdy, durable design for intensive training sessions and a rotatable tablet holder for off-bike routines.

The EX-3 requires you to use your own tablet to connect to the Echelon Fit app. While this is a disadvantage for some, others may find it convenient to use a familiar device.

Especially considering its price under $ 1,000, the bike is a solid investment as long as it meets your exercise needs.

However, if you’re interested in a bike with more high-tech features, it’s worth considering the MYX II or other Echelon Connect models like the EX-5s.

However, if high energy ratings are your top priority and you have the budget, you can hardly go wrong with the Peloton Bike +.

The Echelon Connect EX-3 bike is a great option to expand your home gym.

In particular, the budget-friendly price, quality design, and endless workout options make it ideal if you’re looking for a solid cardio workout without spending more than $ 1,000.

However, since it doesn’t offer the same high-tech features as more expensive models, it’s worth looking around to find the best smart bike for you.

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