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Chris Combs is the brother of 1000-Lb. Sisters play Amy and Tammy Slaton. Here’s all about Chris’ family and the weight loss journey.

The hit series 1000 pounds. Sisters revolves around a pair of famous sisters, but fans are very fond of the Slaton women’s brother, Chris Combs. While sister duo Amy and social media influencer Tammy Slaton are the main 1000-Lb stars. Sisters, fans have been drawn to your brother Chris since he appeared on the last season of the reality show. From childhood to the reasons he embarked on a weight loss journey with his sisters, here is everything you need to know about Amy and Tammy’s brother, Chris.

In addition to Tammy and Amy, Chris grew up with the TV personalities mother and other brother, Steven Slaton. Chris grew up in the city of Shawneetown, Illinois. Like his sisters, Chris developed an unusual relationship with food from a young age. For one thing, Chris had always worked in the food industry. Initially, Chris worked for the American food company Tyson Foods. After Tyson, Chris took over the kitchen of a McDonald’s. Chris admitted that while working at these food-focused companies, he struggled to stop eating. Chris joined 1000 pounds. Sisters helping Tammy lose weight that doesn’t go as planned.

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Despite participating in a series dedicated to his sisters’ weight loss journeys, Chris shared that he, too, is working on losing weight. Fans enjoyed Chris’ frank opinion on his experience as he tried to qualify for bariatric surgery, an operation that makes it easier for people to lose weight. From joking about just wanting to touch his toes to describing himself as “Hangry”, Chris made losing weight a fun and enjoyable journey for viewers. Not only does Chris add lightness to the series, but he also adds an emotional layer to the Slaton family show. Chris even got Tammy’s ex-boyfriend Jerry to help her lose weight. Chris struggled with his weight for most of his life but stated that he is now taking it more seriously about losing some weight because he is reaching the age his father was when he died.

Chris combs 1000 pounds.  Sisters

Chris stated, “The main reason I want the surgery is because my father died at the age of 57. He weighed between 400 and 500 pounds. I’m 41. I want to be with my family. You are my one and everything.” Chris has one daughter, Emily, who lives in Tennessee. Chris wants to be able to lose enough weight to participate in activities such as soccer games with his daughter and other family members. Chris also shared that he wants to be successful at losing 1000 pounds. Sisters, so that he can inspire his daughter on a fitness journey too. Chris met his wife Brittany Combs while they were both working at McDonald’s. Chris and Brittany have been married since October 2016 and live in Kentucky. Chris shares pictures with Brittany on his Instagram account chris.combs.5243, where he has over 6,000 followers.

Fans hugged Chris for his humor, lovable personality, and dedication to his family. Despite being new to the series, Chris has the Slaton gene that makes him a TV star to remember. Chris may not be one of them 1000 pounds. Sisters, but it turned out to be an important part of the moving reality series.

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