Easy Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women – New Book by Coach Maxwell Alexander

If you say to yourself: “I cannot lose weight”, you are not only predicting the future, but also programming your body in the same way. But what if you say, “Yes, I can lose weight!” – this statement has the opposite effect and you are on the right path to your weight loss success. Dieting and exercise go hand in hand with the emotional aspect of losing weight. Weight loss is a process that takes time and dedication, plus a few simple concepts about diet and exercise that are revealed in my new book on Weight Loss for Men and Women.

Simple Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women – New Book by Coach Maxwell Alexander

If you have a lot of belly fat, you may know that when the body is under stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol. The stress hormone cortisol increases fat storage around your midsection, putting you at risk for heart disease and diabetes. So there you go, reading this e-book will change the way you think about weight loss, and more information on the subject will remove the stress of uncertainty and the unknown.

Think more positively about your life and weight loss. You will lose those extra pounds in no time if you do this.

Sleep is also an important part of losing weight. Try to get an extra hour or two of sleep at night when you’re on the “I can’t lose weight” train. If you don’t get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, your metabolism will slow down and your body will not function properly. Night shift workers really screwed up their metabolism. It is very stressful for the human body to work at night. We should all sleep at night, not during the day.

Simple Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women – New Book by Coach Maxwell Alexander – Fitness and Bodybuilding Photography from Duncan Avenue Studios, New York

You have done all of the above and still cannot lose weight. Let’s take a closer look at this situation. Are you drinking enough water? If you answer that you drink enough, then I want to know, are you drinking pop or other sweetened drinks? You have to stop when you do this. Soda, diet soda, and other sweetened drinks are called empty calories because they have no nutritional value. All they do is add your excess fat. You can lose about 40 pounds in a year if all you do is cut out sugary drinks.

What is it, diet soda? Diet soda is sweetened with artificial sweeteners and is basically poison. Diet drinks actually trick your body into staying fat. When you drink diet pop, your body thinks it’s getting something of value, and when it realizes you were just kidding, the brain signals the stomach that it’s still hungry, and you end up eating more.

Stick with water and maybe some green tea. Green tea gives you a boost in antioxidants that are so important to your health, and it tastes great too.

Reduce your stress levels, get divorced if you have to, get more sleep at night, and avoid sodas. This should help convert the phrase “I can’t lose weight” to “Yes, I can lose weight”.

If you are looking for a weight loss book, consider my new e-book titled Easy Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women on Amazon. Here are some topics you will learn in this e-book:

  • How trans fats affect your health
  • The 10 best snacks for weight loss
  • Five foods to help you lose weight
  • Low-carb chicken recipes
  • Green Tea Benefits You Can Rely On
  • How To Lose Weight Fast By Changing Your Lifestyle
  • Here’s how to prepare for your weight loss program
  • What You Can Do To Lose Lower Belly Fat
  • How to slim your thighs
  • Muscle Building Exercises – The Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding for Weight Loss
  • How to Burn Calories Fast With Weight Training

… and much more!

Simple Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women - New Book by Coach Maxwell AlexanderSimple Weight Loss Basics for Men and Women – New Book by Coach Maxwell Alexander

About bodybuilding coach Maxwell Alexander: Fitness Influencer, MA (FIT), BFA (SVA), Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, Certified Bodybuilding Coach, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Photographer, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Career Author in New York City. Born and raised in Siberia (Russia, not Florida :), Maxwell has always been fascinated by the cosmic intelligence of nature. His extensive training in mechanical engineering, fine arts, design theory, visual perception theory, psychology, and graduate experimental design, as well as a decade-long career with the world’s largest organization for the advancement of technology, led to a fascinating next level approach to bodybuilding and general fitness.

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