Dining Hall Nutrition

Ummer always seems like the perfect time to detox, bake some bread, work on your sanity, and of course, eat better and healthier food. However, the start of a new school year can often disrupt the finally established routine. For example, classes and coursework can become overwhelming, parties can be tempting, especially as an unfamiliar newbie, and pizza at Nelson Dining Hall may look significantly better than it probably tastes. Despite adapting to a new environment and lifestyle, it is entirely possible to keep up with difficult classes and have a social life, eat nutritiously, or at least eat better than chicken nuggets for every meal of the day.

As a preface, every student can download the OHIO Culinary Services app to view meal times and the menu of the day. In addition, the menu listed for the respective dining room shows whether the items contain eggs, fish, lactose, nuts or soy or not. The app also lists whether an item is gluten-free, halal and kosher-friendly, low in fat, made with local ingredients, and vegan or vegetarian.

Even if you live in a dorm, a three-meal day is healthy – whether your first meal is a protein bar or a big hearty breakfast. That brings us to mention that not all meals need to come from the dining room. The Flex Meal Plan and / or Bobcat Cash can be used to purchase groceries at the local markets, where you can find snack options that can take the place of a dining room swipe. Some options include fresh fruit, yogurt pots, milk, plenty of water, granola bars, deli meats, and microwaveable lean meals.

Now to what every health-conscious newbie really asks … what do you actually get in the dining rooms? In the dining rooms, everything revolves primarily around moderation. The most alluring peripheral of them is that you can go back continuously for seconds and thirds and quarters. To resolve this appeal, limit yourself to one pass unless, of course, you are not full. In this case, listen to your body. You can still be healthy without starving yourself. However, cutting back portions can even mean indulging in some of the tastier, tastier foods like a piece of cake for dessert.

For breakfast, the dining rooms – especially Nelson with its numerous options in the morning – offer foods such as whole grain bread and cereal. Paired with some milk, juice or water next to a fresh piece of fruit, this is a breakfast for champions that will catapult the day in the right way. Milk options even include skimmed milk, soy, and almond. A protein omelette is even better. The station is designed so that you can create your own dishes, so everyone can fill and flavor their dish with savory vegetables like onions, peppers and mushrooms, as well as some productive protein. Low-fat muffins are also available for breakfast.

Lunch is arguably a student’s most important meal. It should undoubtedly be prioritized. In between class and study, it’s important to have a solid meal, especially if breakfast has been skipped, to rejuvenate one and get you through the rest of the day. The salad bar is always a reasonable option as a side dish for dinner. For lunch, however, you should prepare a larger one and add more vegetables that are always fresh and contain neither butter nor margarine. Also, include a protein like grilled chicken, which is antibiotic and without additives, or add in a plant-based option like chickpeas. Remember that fat-free dressing is always available too. If you don’t have time to eat and enjoy an entire meal, make your way to Boyd Market for a delicious take-away smoothie. The combination offer even includes a piece of baked goods and fresh fruit. Talk about delicacies.

Come for dinner after the day is worn out and ice cream and fruit loops sound especially delicious for dinner … don’t give up. We all love a good burger every now and then. So if you fancy one, replace one of the garden burgers in the dining room instead. The same goes for a fire Chinese or Italian food. At Nelson you can enjoy bamboo bowls, fresh pan-fried dishes that are cooked to order. The District on West Green has a pasta station that sells red, white, and meatless sauces, as well as different types of pasta.

For more options and ideas, head to Jefferson Market, which consists of The Brick City Deli, where “Boar’s Head’s finest cheeses and cheeses and locally baked bread” are made to order, The Ohio Cafe, where Peet’s coffee is Steeped & Stirred for hot, steaming tea, veggie butcher and juiced, similar to Boyd Market’s freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable smoothie bar, and finally, The Culinary Studio, where students can even learn how to cook their own fresh produce.

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