COVID VIC: Outrage as cricketers workout in Melbourne gym while other Victorians are banned

Cricketers have been spotted exercising at an indoor Melbourne gym, while other members of the community are banned from using exercise facilities.

As Victoria battles its way through Covid’s sixth grueling lockdown, businesses across the state have had to shut down, with residents only being allowed to leave the home for essential reasons.

Due to public health regulations, gyms are closed and strict restrictions apply to outdoor sports, which are currently limited to two hours per day.

But footage obtained from Daily Mail Australia shows cricketers using equipment in the gym at Junction Oval Sports Ground in St Kilda while other Victorians are banned from stepping in gym facilities.

Cricketers have been spotted training at the Junction Oval gym in St. Kilda, southeast Melbourne

In the CitiPower Center, an athlete can be seen using a rowing machine while another is riding an exercise bike.

Meanwhile, around half a dozen athletes gathered in the oval to perform exercises, even though the public was only allowed to train with one other person under the state’s Covid restrictions.

But the welding session was completely legal under state health regulations, which allows for different treatment for professional athletes.

A Cricket Victoria spokesman told Daily Mail Australia that their cricketers have been given special permission to access the facilities.

“Cricket Victoria is holding exemptions from the Victorian government for our top athletes and auxiliaries to continue their preparation for the upcoming cricket season,” the spokesman said.

“You are preparing for the summer of cricket that includes the Marsh Sheffield Shield, Marsh One-Day Cup and the Women’s National Cricket League (WNCL), WBBL and KFC BBL.

“The center is otherwise closed to the public.”

A spokesman for the Victoria Department of Health said professional athletes are classified as “permitted workers” under public health orders.

Victorians are currently barred from using gyms under the state's Covid restrictions.  Pictured: The CitiPower training center

Victorians are currently barred from using gyms under the state’s Covid restrictions. Pictured: The CitiPower training center

Around half a dozen athletes were filmed during group training, although the public was only allowed to train with one other person

Around half a dozen athletes were filmed during group training, although the public was only allowed to train with one other person

“A facility primarily used for outdoor or indoor sports and physical recreation, a cardio or strength training facility, or a personal training facility (e.g. government website reads.

‘Except for the exclusive use of the training for professional and competitive athletes.’

It is not the first time that athletes have been given preferential treatment to circumvent Australia’s strict Covid restrictions.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Cricket Australia had promised English cricketers to bring their families to Australia without going into a covid bubble in order to keep the Ashes series alive.

The move came after cricketers threatened to boycott the games for fear that Australia’s tough border policies would separate them from loved ones for months.

The decision sparked outrage online as many criticized the government for “allowing privileged cricketers” to travel freely while thousands of their own citizens were stranded overseas.

A spokesman for Cricket Victoria said its top athletes had government permission to use the training facilities

A spokesman for Cricket Victoria said its top athletes had government permission to use the training facilities

“Maybe you stop allowing fucking celebrities and cricketers to go in and out of NSW and stop all entertainment just because it makes money! Perhaps think about family reunification first! Australians are exhausted, ”wrote one.

‘So [Minister for Home Affairs] Karen Andrews denies the Aussies the right to reunite with their families to protect themselves from overseas broadcast, but then leave a group of English cricketers, team entourage and their families free? ‘ said another.

The incident came when Victoria registered 71 local COVID-19 cases on Monday, 55 of which were not isolated as health officials struggle to bring the highly contagious Delta outbreak under control.

On Saturday, the regional Victoria joined the greater Melbourne area in lockdown, which will last until Thursday, September 2 at 11:59 p.m.

According to the regulations, Victorians are only allowed out of the house for five reasons, including important purchases, exercising, going to work, being an authorized worker, or getting vaccinated.

Residents are not allowed to move more than three miles from their place of residence unless they are an authorized worker.

Those who live in the greater Melbourne area are subject to curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. unless they leave their home for authorized work or in an emergency.


A lockdown with restrictions in line with Melbourne, minus the curfew, applies to regional Victoria on Saturday from 1 p.m.

The lock restrictions apply until Thursday, September 2, 11:59 p.m.

A curfew for those in Melbourne only includes:

You cannot leave home (or the home of your intimate partner or bubble buddy) between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., except for the following reasons:

– authorized work

– sanitary and medical purposes

– Care and support for a child or a person with special needs

– in an emergency or to avoid damage

All of Victoria cannot leave home for one of five reasons:

– Shopping for necessary goods and services

– Nursing or compassionate reasons, including medical care or to have a COVID-19 test

– Authorized work (with authorization) or authorized training

– Sports (once a day for 2 hours, no more than 5 km from your place of residence)

– to get a COVID-19 vaccination

Victorians can also leave home to visit their intimate partner, their only social bubble buddy, or in an emergency – including those at risk of domestic violence.

You must be within 3 miles of your home for shopping and sports. This limit does not apply to permitted work or training, to care or use, to a COVID-19 vaccination or to visiting an intimate partner or your only social bubble buddy.

Metropolitan Melbourne residents are only allowed to travel to the Victoria area for permissible reasons. These include:

– for authorized work or authorized training

– to visit an intimate partner

– for caring and compassionate reasons

– To have access to the COVID-19 vaccination provided it is near the closest facility that can be vaccinated, or

– To have access to necessary goods and services, provided that this is the closest facility where they can be obtained.

Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors when leaving the home.

Public gatherings are not allowed anywhere in the country.

Childcare will be limited to only key workers and vulnerable families under a permit system that was used in 2020.

Children in primary school are also asked to wear masks, but this is not compulsory.

Weddings cannot take place and funerals are limited to 10 people.

Nationwide, construction sites are only allowed to have 25 percent of their workers on the construction site.

Necessary shops remain open. Cafés and pubs are only allowed to remain open to take away.

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